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  • Rooney, Natalie (Dublin Business School, 1998)
    There is nothing more sacred in the wide world than the rights of others. They are inviolable. Woe unto him who trespasses upon the right of another and tramples it underfoot! His right should be his security; it should ...
  • Holly, Una (Dublin Business School, 1996)
    The aim of this Dissertation is to illustrate that the body, in its choreographic dance is shown to articulate the unconscious. The Dissertation has been compiled, following researching the topic and accessing relevant ...
  • Elliott, Thomas (Dublin Business School, 1997)
    I chose for my dissertation the topic of Transference and its Significance in Brief Psychoanalysis with a view to introducing some brief psychoanalytical sessions into my general practice. A problem arose almost immediately. ...
  • Fortune, Joanna (Dublin Business School, 2000)
    I am taking the opportunity in this paper to examine trauma in particular Real Accidental Trauma; Language, with particular reference to the lack of verbalisation brought about by trauma and the Traversing of the Fantasy ...



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