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  • Moriarty, Aimee (Dublin Business School, 2014)
    I have always had a huge interest in dance and have been enrolled in dance classes from the age of four years old. My thesis is a series of five feature article that cover the topic of Dance in Ireland. Chapter One is a ...
  • Lord, Kevin (Dublin Business School, 2014)
    For this thesis I aimed to examine the struggle for equal rights for gay men and women in Ireland. Starting with the first wave of the gay rights movement during the 1970s and the various organisations established to help ...
  • Heldal, Linn (Dublin Business School, 2014)
    This series of five feature articles is focusing on the Tribute Band phenomena in Irish Popular Music Culture. In this series the scene is examined through interviews with musicians, promoters, journalists and family members ...
  • Manning, Adam (Dublin Business School, 2013)
    Irish countryside. Author keywords: Wicklow, railway
  • Geoghegan, Christopher (Dublin Business School, 2013)
  • Towell, Declan (Dublin Business School, 2013)
    A bottle with a flower in it in an abandoned house.
  • Browne, Denis (Dublin Business School, 2013)
    The photo is of a closed down building on Usher Quay. Time has weathered the shop front, there is a great contrast between the blues (original paint job) and the browns from a fire or possibly a solvent (to strip the paint). ...
  • Woods, Mark (Dublin Business School, 2013)
  • Fakebook 
    Courtney, Isabelle (Dublin Business School, 2013)
  • Wicklow 
    Fanning, Brian (Dublin Business School, 2013)
    A location in County Wicklow
  • Workman, Sara (Dublin Business School, 2013)
    Image of brightly colored crayons on the front of a building.
  • Fee, Catherine (Dublin Business School, 2013)
    A popular town in Donegal affected by the recent recession and emigration
  • Harney, David (Dublin Business School, 2013)
  • Barnwell, Daniel (Dublin Business School, 2013)
    Street Art.
  • Hamouda, Mark (Dublin Business School, 2013)
    An in depth look at how those from overseas have settled and adapted living in Ireland whilst influencing Irish culture.
  • Tables 
    Fogarty, Deirdre (Dublin Business School, 2013)
    What it is that is left behind.
  • Ball, Ger (Dublin Business School, 2013)
    This picture depicts the loss of innocence and the realities of living rough. The child represents sorrow and despair – yet at the same time she symbolises the reality of deprivation.
  • McShane, Amy (Dublin Business School, 2013)
    Image of a baby.
  • Egan, Ruth (Dublin Business School, 2013)
    Photograph of tattoo/body art
  • English, Shauna (Dublin Business School, 2013)
    Reflection of a woman sleeping on the DART.



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