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  • Bottone, Angelo (Peter Lang UK, 2011)
    In the recent philosophical literature the problem of translation has been treated by a relatively small number of thinkers. We might recall the contributions of Donald Davidson and Willard van Orman Quine in the analytical ...
  • Flanagan, Jerome (Dublin Business School, 2010)
    How life is lived is infinitely varied. We are all different. How we look at life is the same. We have many questions about life and ourselves and how we fit in. Questions about why we are here, do our lives have meaning. ...
  • Bottone, Angelo (Department of Philosophy of the University of Santo Tomas (UST), 2010)
    In We, the People of Europe? Balibar argues for a Europe as the interpreter of the world, a ‘vanishing mediator’ translating languages and cultures. Ricoeur in his last works has considered translation as a paradigm of ...
  • Bottone, Angelo (Metalogicon, 2001)
    Among the various English philosophical currents that have dealt with religion, “Wittgensteinian fideists” have, more than anyone else, stressed the relativity of beliefs and their relation to the forms of life in which ...
  • Rooney, Natalie (Dublin Business School, 1998)
    There is nothing more sacred in the wide world than the rights of others. They are inviolable. Woe unto him who trespasses upon the right of another and tramples it underfoot! His right should be his security; it should ...



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