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  • Check-It-Chatbot 

    Dumpala, Saikrishna (Dublin Business School, 2021)
    Recently, the use of chatbots has progressed exponentially in diverse areas, including marketing, help networks, schooling, cultural heritage, entertainment and many more. One of the major and substantial aspects of this ...
  • Benchmarking react library: a developer perspective 

    Siddalingaswamy, Chandana Nettekere (Dublin Business School, 2021)
    Developers are often reluctant to adapt to the new framework since they need to allocate time in training and adapt. This study aims to determine the need for benchmarking JS and ReactJS application in a developer’s ...
  • Classification of retinal pathology from OCT images using a parametric tuned CNN 

    Singh, Shalini (Dublin Business School, 2020)
    Optometrists nowadays use optical biopsy to get cross sectional images of the retina infected by pathologies. This is also known as Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). It is important to identify the retinal diseases at ...
  • Diet analysis of diabetes using machine learning 

    Movva, Ashok Kumar (Dublin Business School, 2021)
    The latest advancement in health sciences have prompted a need for creation of data, for example, health treatment information, produced in large volumes of health records. Machine learning techniques seems to be increasing ...
  • Comparative analysis of deep and transfer learning techniques for two and multi-class weather image classification 

    Saumya (Dublin Business School, 2021)
    Information about the weather plays a very vital role in day-to-day life of humans, including various sectors like agriculture, business, traffic etc., knowing the weather beforehand helps to resolve several weather-related ...

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