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  • Exploring the challenges of managing a blended learning course 

    Murphy, Tony (EdTech, 2019)
    There is an argument to suggest that the use of digital technology challenges higher education institutes (HEIs) to think about how and why they function the way they do; “the virtual university is . . . the university ...
  • Effect of aetiological explanations on negative attitudes towards individuals with psychosis 

    Frazer, Patricia; Adams, Pearse; Breheny, Fiona; Evans, Tara; Stafford, O; Loheide Niesmann, L; Plewka, A; Puonti, V; Scefi, D (Northern Ireland Branch of the British Psychological Society, 2018)
    Objectives: Both other and self stigma have important influences on the identity and well being of people who have experienced psychosis. Previous literature provides conflicting views on whether biogenetic explanations ...
  • Effect of mode on mood and of musical preferences in adolescence on self-esteem in adulthood 

    Frazer, Patricia; Downey, Paul; Olin, Sarah (Northern Ireland Branch of the British Psychological Society, 2018)
    Objectives: To explore the influence of music on identity formation, the relationship between adolescent music preference and adult self-esteem was examined. The effect of musical mode on mood was also investigated with ...
  • Design and implementation of the house recommendation system using content-based filtering 

    Badodekar, Rohit Tukaram (Dublin Business School, 2019)
    The internet has become a significant transaction platform for the real estate industry. While it does urge users to search extensively for properties, it also wastes time, energy and may not provide relevant results. ...
  • Stock price prediction using time series models 

    Chouksey, Shruti (Dublin Business School, 2019)
    This Thesis titled- “Stock price forecasting using time series models” focused on the comparison of the performance of time series models to predict the stock price for 5 banks. Forecasting and stock price analysis is ...

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