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    • Daddy, Daddy/Mammy, Mammy: Sylvia Plath and Thomas Kinsella 

      Browne, Andrew (Indiana University, 2008)
      In his memoir The Kick: a Life among Writers,Richard Murphy recalls Thomas and Eleanor Kinsella joining Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes and himself in Ireland (Murphy, 226-27). Kinsella softens any profound inferences from this ...
    • Daily stress and religion as a coping resource 

      Beckham, Kea (Dublin Business School, 2013)
      Studies on religious coping often focus on major life stress. The present study proposes to show that religion, measured by church attendance and prayer use, would be an effective coping strategy in dealing with daily ...
    • Dappled sunshine 

      Cafferky, Alex (Dublin Business School, 2011)
      Nature in Wicklow. Author keywords: Nature, Wicklow, understanding the image
    • Dario Argento's expressionism 

      Pietersz, Indah (Dublin Business School, 2015)
      Whether it’s on the television, in the newspapers, magazines, or on the Internet: violence is everywhere. Its current presence seems imminent every time ISIS releases another execution video on YouTube or when CNN reports ...
    • Dark knights 

      Fitzpatrick, Donnagh (Dublin Business School, 2013)
      Batman in search for the killer of his brothers.
    • The Dark Triad as predictors of selfie behaviour: The role of Narcissism, Machiavellianism and Psychopathy 

      Bergkvist, Una (Dublin Business School, 2016)
      A non-probability convenience design was used to examine whether Dark Triad personalities such as Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy predicted selfie-sharing behaviour. The aim of the study was to understand the ...
    • The dark triad of personality : predictors of on and off line bullying 

      Hyland, Pauline; McGuckin, Conor; Lewis, Christopher Alan (Dublin Business School, 2014)
      In recent years, research has focused on the understanding of cyber bullying and its connections to traditional bullying. Previous research has examined the traditional approach to assessing personality in relation to ...
    • The dark triad of personality as predictors of face-to-face and cyber bullying behaviour 

      Hyland, Pauline; McGuckin, Conor; Lewis, Christopher Alan; Hyland, John (Dublin Business School, 2016)
      Objective: Previous research has established a body of knowledge with regard to traditional bullying behaviour, with this knowledge recently expanding to understand and incorporate cyberbullying. However, associated variables ...
    • The dark triad, its relationship with instagram usage and photo editing behaviour 

      McCarthy, Dylan (Dublin Business School, 2018)
      This study used a correlational design to look at the relationships between the dark triad of personality, Instagram usage, and photo editing behaviour. Additionally, correlations were run to investigate age and its ...
    • Data protection in EU businesses: an introduction to GDPR 

      Hyland, Jack (Dublin Business School, 2017)
      No abstract is provided.
    • DBS School of Arts induction plan 2010-2011 

      Farrell, Orna; Brunton, James (Dublin Business School, 2010)
      Changing induction (DBS staff development session).
    • Deaf, hard-of-hearing or hearing : is my social scene an anxious one? 

      Coyle, Luke (Dublin Business School, 2007)
      The current research examines whether deaf and hard-of-hearing person's experience more social anxiety than hearing persons. A total of 109 participants (55 hearing and 54 deaf / hard-of-hearing) filled out a questionnaire ...
    • Death anxiety : its relationship with age, gender, bereavement and personality 

      Dennehy, Paula (Dublin Business School, 2006)
      This study compared death anxiety scores in relation to age, gender, recent bereavement and personality scores. The study was a between subjects design using a convenience sample. Templer's Death Anxiety Scale and Keirsey's ...
    • Death anxiety and addiction : a comparative study 

      MacKenna, Lydia (Dublin Business School, 2007)
      The aim of this study is to examine whether adults with addictions have higher levels of death anxiety than adults without addictions; to examine whether females have higher levels of death anxiety than males; and to examine ...
    • The death of the American dream 

      Gorevan, Alan (Dublin Business School, 2004)
      This Final Year Project explores some of the key literary texts by twentieth-century American writers. It argues that these texts reflect certain aspects of the American character which are encapsulated in what is called ...
    • Decentralized digital identity management using blockchain and its implication on public sector 

      Wadhwa, Sourabh (Dublin Business School, 2019)
      The purpose of this dissertation is to explore the Decentralized Digital identity management using Blockchain and its implication on Public Sector. The literature and latest reports suggests that Blockchain is one of the ...
    • Decision support system for a restaurant to forecast sales using machine learning techniques 

      Renukaprasad, Vignesh Bengaluru (Dublin Business School, 2020)
      Restaurant being a customer centric business faces a lot of challenge in day-to-day operation between inventory management, staffing, and customer handling. Any mismanagement could be unhealthy in its business long-term. ...
    • Decision-making styles in relation to stress and anxiety among college students 

      Cehulic, Katarina (Dublin Business School, 2019)
      The present study examined general Decision-making styles in relation to stress and anxiety among undergraduate and postgraduate students in Dublin. A sample of 125 students participated in this study, from various Dublin ...
    • Defamiliarisation in the arts of war 

      Ui Nuallain, Rebecca (Dublin Business School, 2013)
      Defamiliarisation refers in general to an artistic technique that forces people to look with new eyes upon familiar subjects. Defamiliarisation emerged against the backdrop of World War I and the Russian Revolution. In ...
    • Defence mechanisms in adolescence and the relationship with emotional regulation and personality traits 

      Riley, Jessica (Dublin Business School, 2019)
      The aim of this study is to investigate defence mechanisms, emotional regulation and personality, across 120 secondary school students. Assessing help seeking behaviour, perceptions of mental health and knowledge of services ...