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    • French families in the tourism industry : the influence of social media and internet on their information search behaviour and their decision-making criteria 

      Woolford, Cecile (Dublin Business School, 2015)
      The consumers’ behaviour is in permanent change, it especially has changed very fast in the tourism industry with the growing influence of internet and social media. Many French tourism companies have suffered from the ...
    • French hotels, English tourists. Web content to attract the English-speaking consumer 

      Tropea, Alexandra (Dublin Business School, 2014)
      Purpose – Through this Masters dissertation, the researcher aims to understand the use of English in tourism, and the importance of tourism in France. More specifically, the researcher aims to determine whether English ...
    • Freud's civilised man... Aristotle's virtuous man questioned 

      Smith, Katie (Dublin Business School, 2008)
      In this thesis Aristotelian theory has been used to represent the norm of societal thinking in the area of human goodness and morality. Aristotle's theory has been used to illustrate the Freudian view point around civilization. ...
    • Freud's seduction theory 

      Meally, Bernie (Dublin Business School, 2001)
      During the last five years of the nineteenth century, Sigmund Freud developed most of the core psychodynamic and developmental insights, which became psychoanalysis. Freud' s articulation of the seduction theory of neurosis ...
    • Friend or foe. Are mobile phones helping or hindering romantic relationships? 

      Keenan, Sandra (Dublin Business School, 2016)
      Mobile phone usage is, according to Madrid, a compulsive and addictive disorder which looks set to become one of the biggest non-drug addictions of the 21st century (Madrid, 2003). As levels of mobile phone usage are ...
    • From bricks to bytes 

      Flanagan Creagh, Morgan (Dublin Business School, 2012)
      While investigating recent Irish documentaries I noticed that many had been focused upon the hardships and repercussions of the recession, others looked at people coping with the hard times and doing the best they could ...
    • From interaction to symbol : a systems view of the evolution of signs and communication 

      Sadowski, Piotr (John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2009)
      Sadowski's book offers a comprehensive model of communication based on deductive formulations of systems theory supported by evolutionary thinking. The systems model generates the following types of communication: direct, ...
    • From offline to online media: engaging French professional basketball fans on a new playing field 

      Schneider, Jessica (Dublin Business School, 2019)
      "The DNA of the game allows the optimization of the broadcast: basketball lends itself best to digitalization, there are actions every 24 seconds". A. iBsé trhael (s2p0o1rt8 t) hat The way sports fans attend a game or ...
    • From policy to practice : what is the role of strategic human resource management in the internationalizing Irish dairy industry 

      Fitzsimons, Edward (Dublin Business School, 2015)
      In the European Union under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) milk production was restricted by milk quotas since 1984. However, due to recent changes in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), milk quotas were abolished ...
    • Full day closing 

      Browne, Denis (Dublin Business School, 2013)
      The photo is of a closed down building on Usher Quay. Time has weathered the shop front, there is a great contrast between the blues (original paint job) and the browns from a fire or possibly a solvent (to strip the paint). ...
    • Full proceedings 

      Buggle, Jane; Colvin, Joan (IFLA Special Interest Group (SIG) on Library Publishing, 2021)
    • The fundamentals of data warehousing 

      Ferguson, Yvonne (Dublin Business School, 2002)
      Data is information, information is powerful and the Data Warehouse along with Data Mining provides the tools to collect, understand and analyse the information. Every transaction that takes place, particularly in the ...
    • Funny minds 

      Nsangolo, Joseph (Dublin Business School, 2012)
      Me in heaven with angels around me. Author keywords: Heaven, KFC
    • Future job prediction in Trivandrum using machine learning techniques 

      Saju, Akku George (Dublin Business School, 2018)
      This dissertation explores the impact of machine learning on job aspirants through an interactive web application. Job seeking is a very difficult task in India and determining a career path is a much more difficult ...
    • The future of internet banking 

      Morley, Donal (Portobello College, 2001)
      Has Internet Banking a realistic future or will it all come crashing down with a big bang? I set out with an aim of gaining a thorough knowledge of this relatively new concept and to figure out whether or not the public ...
    • Future of Irish retail banking: Embracing the open banking FinTech disruption 

      Lokhande, Darshan (Dublin Business School, 2019)
      The world has witnessed dramatic changes in everyday lives due to technology advancement. We growing in technology and as customer demands are changing frequently, soon we will see wealth managers are expecting the customers ...
    • The future of the international tourism industry: factors encouraging tourists to visit China 

      Chang, Di (Dublin Business School, 2009)
      This dissertation is concerned with the future direction of the world tourism industry in terms of development with regard to China. Tourism in China is one of the most important industries and for better or for worse it ...
    • The future of the Irish clothing industry in the aftermath of the Celtic Tiger 

      O'Carroll, Sarita (Dublin Business School, 2003)
      Since the 1980's a changing Irish economy has impacted significantly on Irelands traditional sectors, in particular clothing. Rising costs, labour shortages, tight margins and an ever-increasing competitive environment ...
    • Future of the smart card 

      Flanagan, Niamh (Dublin Business School, 2002)
      For new technology to survive in today's environment there must be a special factor associated with it. It has to provide a cutting edge advancement over and above how things are being done at the present time. The plastic ...
    • Future sales prediction of OnePlus using Amazon review’s data 

      Sharma, Kanak (Dublin Business School, 2018)
      In this research, we predicted sales of OnePlus cell phone models using Amazon reviews information extracted from Starting with extraction, classifying and then cleaning of data, particularly it’s showed that ...