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    • Learning Teaching and Assessment Newsletter 

      Murphy, Tony (Dublin Business School, 2021-06)
      This edition of the newsletter highlights all things Learning, Teaching and Assessment, from news and events to Academic CPD and changes and enhancements to the Learning, Teaching and Assessment environment.
    • Leaving certificate graduates quality of school life and fear of negative evaluation: A comparative study 

      Van den Bergh, Saoirse (Dublin Business School, 2019)
      The aim of this study was to examine the differences in quality of school life and fear of negative evaluation between those who attended a single-sex school and those who attended a coeducational school. Sex differences ...
    • Leda's daughter... 

      Penn, Kara (SAHKartell, 2018)
      # Leda's Daughter # Becoming Tree # Starfish # Into the Hands of a God # Shoveling the Drive # From the Frontage Road
    • Left is never right. Handedness and differences in spatial ability 

      McCarthy, Noirin (Dublin Business School, 2014)
      This study investigated differences in performance on two spatial tasks between left and right-handed groups. It was predicted there would be a relationship between self-efficacy and scores on spatial tasks. Gender differences ...
    • Legacy of Conflict Trauma Among Israel and Northern Ireland Adults, Coping Mechanisms and Self Endurance 

      Melzer, Aharon (Dublin Business School, 2020)
      The aim of this qualitative research was to investigate post conflict trauma experienced by adult participants from Israel and Northern Ireland, exploration such as environmental comprehension, living through adulthood ...
    • Leni Riefenstahl : an innovative mind 

      Maloney, Chris (Dublin Business School, 2012)
      In this dissertation I intend to examine the relationship and influence Leni Riefenstahl had on the German film industry of the 1930s and 40s. I intend to scrutinise her talents as a director and how she became one of the ...
    • Let’s talk about Voldemort: A quantitative view of how subordinate words are implicit to fear 

      Adams, Leanne (Dublin Business School, 2020)
      The current study is an exploratory analysis of whether subordinate words are implicit to fear. Furthermore, the study examines Empathy, Imagination, Gender and nationality on Distress levels. 120 Participants from the ...
    • The level of information systems integration in small - and medium sized enterprises operating in manufacturing sector in Ireland 

      Woznica, Jaroslaw (Dublin Business School, 2006)
      To operate efficiently companies rely heavily on information technology. The flow of data and information and an easy access to information stored in various IT systems and applications play a critical role in efficient ...
    • Levels of depression in relation to social support for African immigrants living in Dublin, Ireland 

      Larkin, Susie (Dublin Business School, 2003)
      The present study looks at the levels of social support in a sample of African immigrants living in Ireland and its relationship to their levels of depression, it suggests lower levels of social support will result in ...
    • Levels of loneliness among Irish and non-Irish students studying in Dublin and its impact on self-esteem and social support 

      Gnusareva, Valerija (Dublin Business School, 2012)
      The current study examines the levels of loneliness and its relation to self-esteem and social support among Irish and non-Irish students studying in Dublin. One hundred students participated in the research. It was hypoFinal ...
    • Leveraging Design Thinking for Successful Management of Projects 

      Kumar Nanda Kumar, Mohan (2022-01)
      Traditional project management methodology which laid the foundation for building “functional software products” is unable to respond to varied and continuous customer requests in a quick changing software development ...
    • Libido and toxic substance 

      Loose, Rik (The School of Psychotherapy at SVUH, 1996)
      Despite Freud's tendency to deny this, there can be little doubt that the Cocaine Episode was an important part of his scientific and therapeutic work. Elsewhere we have proposed a reading of Freud's Cocaine Papers which ...
    • Librarian as editor: amplifying the voices of the marginalised 

      Buggle, Jane (IFLA Special Interest Group (SIG) on Library Publishing, 2021)
      This article outlines the establishment of a cross-institutional, peer-reviewed, academic journal, Studies in Arts and Humanities, and describes the librarian-edited Special Issue on Minorities and Indigenous People which ...
    • Librarian as publisher 

      Kouker, Alexander; Murphy, Conor (Dublin Business School, 2015)
      Alex and Conor introduce SAH Journal ( as an open access academic journal project involving the collaborative efforts of emerging and established scholars as well as academic librarians at the BOBCATSSS ...
    • Librarians' perspectives on digital literacy in Irish third level education 

      Watters, Dean (Dublin Business School, 2016)
      Digital literacy has emerged as a key concept in recent years in Irish third level education. Calls by the Irish government to promote and expand digital literacy have been plentiful, with many academic institutions ...
    • Libraries as publishing partners: promoting best practices in open access journals 

      Stapleton, Suzanne Cady (IFLA Special Interest Group (SIG) on Library Publishing, 2021)
      Publishing by academic libraries is burgeoning as an alternative means to create open access to scholarly research. The emerging field of library publishing offers new opportunities for academic libraries to achieve their ...
    • Libraries as publishing partners: Promoting best practices in open access journals 

      Stapleton, Suzanne Cady (University of Florida, 2019)
      Publishing by academic libraries is emerging as a viable means to create open access to scholarly research. Librarians engaged in publishing services can capitalize on opportunities to educate faculty, staff and students ...
    • Library news 

      Library, DBS (Dublin Business School, 2015-03)
      Contents: summer opening hours and exams; library survey; Horizon Report 2015; academic staff publications; digital libraries; book crossing; suggestion box; events.
    • Library news 

      Library, DBS (Dublin Business School, 2007-03)
      Contents: library survey, 2007; staff profile (David Hughes); library week 2007; database trials (Ebsco, Lexis Nexis Professional); new databases.
    • Library news 

      Library, DBS (Dublin Business School, 2015-01)
      Contents: top 15 most read eBooks; wearable technology; building digital capacity report; Zine librarianship; book review; library classes; recipes, events and more.