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    • Challenging Art: An Interview with Italian Artist, Biancoshock 

      Biancoshock; Cashell, Fiona (SAHKartell, 2016)
      Milan-based socially engaged artist, Biancoshock (a pseudonym the artist prefers to use), was kind enough to take time out of his schedule to answer some questions for SAH Journal. We wanted to know more about his diverse, ...
    • Editorial 

      O'Fathartaigh, Micheal (SAHKartell, 2016)
      Ireland--History--Easter Rising, 1916
    • Editorial 

      Kouker, Alexander; Murphy, Conor (SAHKartell, 2015)
      Reflective learning, critical thinking, open access, libraries and publishing, academic freedom
    • Editorial 

      Henderson, Stephen (SAHKartell, 2015)
      Critical thinking, mass media and culture, pluralism
    • Eloquence Squared: An Interview with Padhraig Nolan 

      Nolan, Padhraig; Chapman, Patrick (SAHKartell, 2017)
      Often, creative people are recognised primarily for the work they do in one discipline, with efforts in other areas overlooked. Some artists are truly multidisciplinary, having the ability to express themselves eloquently ...
    • An exploration of life satisfaction levels in relation to art therapy and art activities 

      O'Shea, Bebhinn (Dublin Business School, 2009)
      This study explores the effects art therapy and art related activities have on life satisfaction in relation to a mental health disabilities and control group, over a time period. The control group, mature part time ...
    • The Naked vs. the Nude : a study on how female nudes have been represented throughout art in western tribal cultures 

      Boysen, Martina (Dublin Business School, 2016)
      This thesis examines the relationship between the ‘naked’ and the ‘nude’ and how they are represented throughout art over the centuries. It examines how our perception have changed on how we view the subject due to social ...
    • Portrait of a gentleman's collection : the social lives of artefacts from an anthropological perspective 

      Loeffler, Silvia (Dublin Business School, 2001)
      The purpose of my Final Year Project is to demonstrate that art objects in addition to their aesthetic value are embedded in the historical, economic and political aspects of culture. As example I will use the art collection ...
    • The time and space of the work of art in the age of “Electrickery” 

      Kane, Michael (Dublin Business School, 2015)
      Starting by returning to Walter Benjamin’s idea in “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” that the technical reproducibility involved in the new media of photography and film would promote a “revolutionary ...
    • Will there be any space left for artists? 

      Burke, Mary (Dublin Business School, 2001)
      Technology is both directly and indirectly undermining both the space and sense of place of the visual artist. The wealth generated through telecommunications industries has precipitated the commercial redevelopment of ...