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    • Impact of the sector on the accuracy of bankruptcy rates : the case of French food industries 

      Muller, Guillaume (Dublin Business School, 2015)
      Purpose - Through this Masters dissertation, the researcher aims to understand the use of bankruptcy rates for the assessment of suppliers and the effect of sector-specific ratios on the accuracy of bankruptcy rate. Methodology ...
    • Is outsourcing or insourcing e-waste regulatory compliance effective? 

      Cox Kearns, Lucy (Dublin Business School, 2016)
      This research project is researching whether outsourcing or insourcing e-waste for regulatory compliance is effective. The researcher will introduce you to the topic. Then the next section is the literature review which ...
    • Survival of the motor trade dealer during a recession 

      Downey, Paddy (Dublin Business School, 2016)
      Over the past eight years the Irish motor industry has been significantly affected by one of the worst recessions Ireland has seen and the first since the 1980’s. Although it has started to vastly improve again, there are ...
    • What can I do you for? 

      O'Dea, Martin (TASC, 2011)
      An analysis of the privileged position of closed, self-regulating professions in Ireland and their inhibition of economic progress and equity. Author keywords: Closed professions, costs, inefficiencies