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    • A Missed Encounter: Freud and The Girl. 

      Crawford, Helen (Dublin Business School, 2006)
      This thesis examines The Psychogenesis of a Case of Homosexuality in a Woman. It was wondered if there was any relevance for the theories and issues that structure her and her relationships in today's society. From a close ...
    • The prohibited hatred of the father : a psychoanalytic study of the Rat Man 

      Coen, Vivienne Mary (Dublin Business School, 2008)
      This thesis will provide a detailed examination of the Rat Man case from the perspective that Paul (aka: the Rat Man) had a repressed deep hatred of his father that was prohibited by the latter. It will say that this ...
    • Revenge against the father? A psychoanalytic study of Moby-Dick. 

      Geelon, Stuart (Dublin Business School, 2008)
      This thesis examines how the example of Captain Ahab from Herman Melville's masterpiece; Moby-Dick, can be taken to illustrate a Psychoanalytic understanding of Revenge. In chapter one an introduction to the novel is ...