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    Learning Teaching and Assessment Newsletter
    (Dublin Business School, 2021-06) Murphy, Tony
    This edition of the newsletter highlights all things Learning, Teaching and Assessment, from news and events to Academic CPD and changes and enhancements to the Learning, Teaching and Assessment environment.
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    DBS School of Arts induction plan 2010-2011
    (Dublin Business School, 2010) Farrell, Orna; Brunton, James
    Changing induction (DBS staff development session).
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    (Dublin Business School, 2010) Farrell, Orna
    An introduction to eportfolios (DBS staff development session).
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    Enhancing the first-year experience with online quizzes and screencasts
    (Dublin Business School, 2011) Farrell, Orna
    Decreasing the attrition rate -- Enhancing the student learning experience -- Support development of independent study habits -- Explore the use of elearning to support student learning -- Encourage experiential learning. Author keywords: Elearning, student attrition, experiential learning
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    Portfolio assessment : the learner perspective
    (Dublin Business School, 2010) Farrell, Orna
    An exploration of the use of eportfolios as a learning process and as a formative assessment method Yielding a unique learner perspective on portfolio assessment and on the perceived differences between an eportfolio and a traditional paper portfolio. Author keywords: Eportfolio, reflection, learner experience, learning process vs. product