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    Beyond the subjectivity trap
    (Imprint Academic, 2015) O'Dea, Martin
    Beyond the Subjectivity Trap challenges the paradigm of the hard problem of consciousness by contesting the relevance and primacy of human thought. By tracing the evolved egocentricity of the 'I' as an entrapping limitation on our thinking the book argues that once the Subjectivity Trap is understood and escaped we can appreciate the non-existence of the mind body divide, the pure functionality of the brain, and the limitlessness of our potential.
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    School based bullying in Ireland - a cause for concern? A review of research from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
    (Nova Publishers, 2013) McGuckin, Conor; Hyland, Pauline; Lewis, Christopher Alan
    Both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have, over the last 20 years, changed dramatically in response to a range of economic, political and social factors. One area of continuing social concern within both countries is that of bully/victim problems among school pupils. The present aim was to provide a review of research on the prevalence and social-psychological correlates of bully/victim problems among school children within both countries. Data are presented from a total of 15 studies located in Northern Ireland and 13 studies located in the Republic of Ireland. The findings suggest that, across a range of samples, measures, and sub-types of bullying behaviours, bully/victim problems among school children continues to remain a problem in schools across Ireland. The social-psychological consequences are considerable. Keywords: Anti-Bullying, Bully, Bullying, Cyberbullying, Disablist, Disability, Health, Ireland, Post-Primary School, Primary School, Secondary School, Well-being, Victim, Victimization.