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    Best plan advisor
    (Dublin Business School, 2020) Collins, Gavin; Dhoot, Harnaik
    The continuing growth of online retail shopping, the high number of mobile operators in Ireland and the complexity of mobile products means a consumer may not know where to look when searching for the best suited mobile plan to their needs. The range of products is vast, and the differences in terms of value may not be very apparent to a consumer that would usually be more comfortable discussing options with a sales agent. This project attempts to bridge the gap, allowing a consumer look across the entire market place on a single page web application. This application will perform some of the duties completed by an agent, and is also easy to use and understand, so it can be used by almost everyone. What I have developed is a single page application, using .NET core with a Blazor server framework, to deliver an interactive UI, supported by code written in C# and html which renders data to the UI. The data which relates to mobile plans is easy to add, change or update and will use rendering logic as defined in the Blazor components or razor pages. The future development is dependent on the data, which is stored in text format in a json file. Additional products may be incorporated into the data, allowing a further analysis to take place into bundled products and additional services, with associated discounts. The application could be integrated with a CRM platform, or simply used by an agent to assist with a sale. Web forms could also be developed to allow product owners maintain their own products in the data store.
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    Rebuilding old WordPress page into modern web application
    (Dublin Business School, 2020) Dimac, Mario; Raymond, Brian
    The main goal of this project was an educational goal, to develop, deploy, and monitor a full-stack application that can be used later as a showcase and help me to progress in my career. The used stack is in demand and there are a lot of opportunities and different projects where these technologies like React and Node.js can be used. The second goal was to create an application that will be used for a real business and help improve the current user experience and the overall performance.
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    Keep that tweet
    (Dublin Business School, 2020) Myles, Eamon; ODonnell, Rory
    My project was the development of an Android application built with the Java programming language. The projected makes use of available twitter APIs to authenticate with a live twitter account and retrieve tweets from live twitter users. Selected tweets are then stored to a database for later viewing. The application is intended to aid a user in retrieving tweets that they find interesting and that they would like to keep for future reference. How often does something of interest come up in conversation where you find yourself wishing you had remembered the users twitter handle or favourited the tweet to prove your point. My app will allow the user to save tweets with a search term like ‘Comedy’. The user now only needs to remember their search term and all the Tweets tagged with keyword ‘Comedy’ will be returned. The user can then quickly selected the required tweet.
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    (Dublin Business School, 2020) Mulligan, Patrick; ODonnell, Rory
    For my project I developed a website for a Computer Technical Support company. The main purpose of the website will be to promote a Tech Support Company and also to gain experience creating an ecommerce website. The website is also to be used as a demonstration for potential customers to show what can be achieved for a small investment. The website is to be user focused with a simple modern design. From the customers point of view the website should be viewed as a resource to: • Purchase Support on demand – Request Remote Support, Request On Site Support or Request Email Support • Purchase supplies – Purchase computer equipment, accessories and supplies e.g. Ink, Toner, computers, monitors etc • Knowledge – Gain, Share and Research Knowledge on a Blog. The website will be vendor neutral and offer links to trusted websites for support, purchasing and product reviews. The website will incorporate a remote support portal, were users of desktop and server computers can gain easy access to allow a technician to remotely access the users computer to help resolve technical issues remotely. The website will also have an ecommerce portal with the ability to customers to purchase goods and services from various venders.
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    Results tracker app and deployment on EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service)
    (Dublin Business School, 2020) Mulligan, David; Laird, Paul;
    The main project aim was to build a useful app and deploy it on the cloud. The app is to firstly enter the result you want to achieve and as you go, update it with your results as you go through your course and the result that you need to achieve next to maintain your target result will be updated. Once the application was built and connected to Amazon RDS (SQL Server database), the next step was to build a docker image, deploy this image on my local machine, then move it to ECR (Elastic Container Service) (similar to Dockerhub but on AWS). The last step was to move it to the EKS service (Elastic Kubernetes Service) to run on a kubernetes cluster spread across 3 availability zones.