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    The Fisherman
    (Dublin Business School, 2013) Davis, Steve; Jurisic, Dragana
    Sunday, no longer a day or rest, just an ordinary day. This picture is entitled The Fisherman.
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    Ash Nazg Durbatuluk
    (Dublin Business School, 2013) Siobhan, Ryan; Jurisic, Dragana
    Lego recreation of "Lord of the rings" scene.
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    Night Alley
    (Dublin Business School, 2013) Hegarty, Shane; Jurisic, Dragana
    Dark Alley in Temple Bar
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    Innocent Bystander
    (Dublin Business School, 2013) Hickey, Sean; Jurisic, Dragana
    A parked car is blocked by surrounding barricades on a small road
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    Silver Slide
    (Dublin Business School, 2013) Kavanagh, Niamh; Jurisic, Dragana
    Woman smoking a cigarette