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    Hemp for a Sustainable Future
    (Dublin Business School, 2021) Driol, Nicolas; Costa, Marcos; Moolman, Jeremy; Elmetashvili, Giorgi; Lalor, Conor; P.J. Paul
    The consistent rhetoric that there is nothing that humans can do to save our climate is a misunderstood myth. With legislation changing on all three levels of government – locally, nationally and internationally in the form of “Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill 2020”, the “European Green Deal” and the “Paris Agreement” respectively, that points to a vision that business practices and processes need to adapt to a more circular economy. With the use of secondary research, we analysed the construction industry’s impact on our environment, what hemp is capable of doing for the environment and lastly the feasibility of investing in the hemp construction industry. The construction industry adds many pollutants to the environment, not just in the form of carbon emissions. In Ireland, there is an increase of construction demand (creating a larger effect on the environment than previously) due to the housing crisis. The legal status is shifting towards a carbon neutral world therefore it would affect the way the construction industry meets the demand for housing. Hempcrete as an alternative construction material to concrete, is seen as the healthier option for the construction industry. One that is sorely needed and one that can help with the effects of the climate and potentially repair our past environmental mistakes. Hempcrete is a mixture of lime binder, hemp hurd and water. Hempcrete can be casted into bricks and sold or can be mixed onsite and used to pour into the mould of the desired building. Having their own benefits, secondary research revealed that hemp - from the moment it's planted - starts to create a better environment and even after 300 years of Hempcrete standing buildings they keep absorbing the CO2 in the environment. The hemp industry is growing in size as hemp legislation is changing. There is demand for socially responsible products. While most companies that are producing hemp products now are still small and don’t have a strong position in the market, it holds great potential to make a difference in the construction industry and at the same time create a green circular economy that works to improve our environment rather than to destroy it. Ireland's climate is appropriate for the growth of industrial hemp which represents an opportunity of becoming a major international supplier. Leading to Ireland having a larger role to play internationally with its efforts for a greener circular-economy as Ireland's impact on the western culture is seen as one of the greatest strengths it holds (as irish holidays and folklore are celebrated around the world). This is a great advantage while marketing a product of such importance. Therefore the literature review partly focuses on the feasibility of creating a company that will specialise in all things hemp, starting with the Construction Industry as it has the biggest effect on the degradation of our environment. Hempcore, the business proposal at the end of the literature review, is the logical next step in creating a circular economy that is focused on fixing the environment. Using ancient materials mixed with modern technology, Hempcore will aim to gain competitive advantage to influence the construction industry in a more responsible way.
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    Social media marketing and its impact on travel decisions
    (Dublin Business School, 2016) Cheung, Wei Fung; Sargent, Pauline
    The aim of this project revolves around social media marketing, and how it is been use by consumers to benefit and carry out their trip planning in an efficient way also to the impacts there is. In addition to seeing the social media tool out on the market for consumers, evaluate the level of trust and he usage level consumer has towards social media and the impact it may involves. To do so firstly carrying out secondary research about what social media is and relating topic that involves travel industry, the aim for the study is to gain a better knowledge of exactly what potential elements I could develop on, and with the aid of the secondary research to then effectively carry out the social media marketing and the impact through primary research, with the chosen descriptive research and following by an online survey to then analyse the results and give me the evidences to back up my research of study.
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    To investigate the improvement of motivation within a matrix structure
    (Dublin Business School, 2016) Karmani, Sandra; Keelin, Lee
    The concept of this paper is to discuss the issues hindering the improvement of motivation within a matrix structure in companies such as Google Ireland and to find the according solutions/objectives towards it. The research question I have proposed is; what are the factors hindering the motivation in employees within a matrix structure resulting in poor performance? The objectives following this question are; performance management effectiveness, conflict management and improvement in dual reporting. The theoretical framework identifies the major tenants of this theory and how it relates to this proposed theory. In methodology, the research design discusses, the type of research design chosen and how it relates to this theory, the sampling includes an expanded discussion describing the further methods used to analyze the audience, and the instrumentation outlines the instruments that will be used in this theory. For example, in-depth interviews, surveys, etc. The main question I am proposing is, what are the factors that are affecting motivation and creating obstructions in project teams and teamwork preventing better performance in employees? The objectives are as follows; performance management enhancement, re-evaluating the performance management in order to give clear tasks resulting in effective results, conflict management, aiming to enhance learning and group outcomes increasing the positive aspects of conflict. Understanding conflict leads to resolving disputes more effectively. Brainstorming, discussing, considering all possible solutions to the task/mission, remaining open to other people’s ideas, are all solutions to conflict in project teams. To carry out this theory and as a part of my primary research, to find the correct solutions to it, I will carry out exploratory research in which I will use the method of an in-depth interview with the Human Resources Manager of Google Ireland to investigate the matrix structure and how it is affecting the motivation and performance of employees. I will also conduct a sample questionnaire for the employees of Google to discover how motivated or unmotivated they are in their work. Author keywords: Improvement, motivation, matrix
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    Survival of the motor trade dealer during a recession
    (Dublin Business School, 2016) Downey, Paddy; Quinn, Andrew
    Over the past eight years the Irish motor industry has been significantly affected by one of the worst recessions Ireland has seen and the first since the 1980’s. Although it has started to vastly improve again, there are still signs of the damage it has caused, mainly evident from consumer confidence and government policies. In Ireland before the recession hit there were 58 Ford dealers. When the recession hit in 2008 within three and a half years there were ten closures, which is over 17%. This study aims to gain a deeper understanding of successful business management strategies during a recession through a means of an interview with a garage proprietor. On completion of this paper, it will offer valuable recommendations to businesses going through recessions and how they can survive.
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    Impact of tourism on the Irish economy
    (Dublin Business School, 2016) Pinaeva, Marina; Quinn, Andrew
    Along with an increase in tourism numbers, there has also been an increase in tourist spending, and in the amount of employment created by the tourism industry. The most important tourism-generating regions are Europe, North America, and Japan, the world’s most industrialised regions. As a result, the numbers of tourists coming to Ireland have increased, revenue has increased, and this has resulted in more employment in the industry, and more taxes for Government.