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    Alternative aesthetics
    (Dublin Business School, 2013) Egan, Ruth; Jurisic, Dragana
    Photograph of tattoo/body art
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    Sheep's wool
    (Dublin Business School, 2013) Woods, Mark; Jurisic, Dragana
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    The weary traveller
    (Dublin Business School, 2013) English, Shauna; Jurisic, Dragana
    Reflection of a woman sleeping on the DART.
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    The brightest crayon in the box
    (Dublin Business School, 2013) Workman, Sara; Jurisic, Dragana
    Image of brightly colored crayons on the front of a building.
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    Ruthless perspective
    (Dublin Business School, 2013) Hamouda, Mark; Jurisic, Dragana
    An in depth look at how those from overseas have settled and adapted living in Ireland whilst influencing Irish culture.