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    • U. S media coverage of the Asian tsunami 

      Belton, Suzie (Dublin Business School, 2007)
      The study of news has been at the forefront of all media literature. What we have learned from this literature is that news is constructed. All forms of media have been accused of using certain values, which inevitably ...
    • Unbolted 

      Tyco, Neil (Dublin Business School, 2012)
      The image was taken inside an apartment. The idea is something that has not been done or seen before and I used myself as a model for it. The idea came from a famous monster creature 'Manananggal' that is originated from ...
    • Undecided evolution of swans 

      Cornells, Vanessa (Dublin Business School, 2012)
      Swans in certain clothing items. Undecided if they want to stay swans or look more like humans.
    • Understanding how vicarious trauma can be experienced by therapists working with clients with post traumatic stress disorder 

      Seery, Rebecca (Dublin Business School, 2011)
      The purpose of this research project was to gain an understanding of how vicarious trauma can be experienced by therapists working with clients with Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The research also explored how ...
    • Understanding the relationship between age-related expectancies and satisfaction with life based on the theory of the social clock 

      Mackey, Sean (Dublin Business School, 2015)
      Based on the understanding that Ireland’s population is currently undergoing a process of aging, this research project aimed to find if people due to this process are participating in events later on in life. This research ...
    • Unemployment and mental health in the current economic climate in Ireland 

      Brady, Deirdre (Dublin Business School, 2010)
      The aim of the study was to research if unemployment has a negative effect on mental health of individuals in the current economic climate in Ireland. The sample consisted of 200 adults in Ireland, 100 of whom were unemployed ...
    • Unhealthy snacking : an exploration of the theory of planned behaviour, impulsivity, reward sensitivity and BMI. 

      Sheridan, Sabrina (Dublin Business School, 2014)
      Given the recent rise in obesity and high prevalence of unhealthy snacking this study aimed to explore the efficacy of the Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) model in predicting intentions to reduce unhealthy snacking. ...
    • Unity 

      Adekoya, Tolulope (Dublin Business School, 2012)
      This picture was taken in a classroom in my college, DBS. It shows unity in different colours.
    • The unlikely vase 

      Towell, Declan (Dublin Business School, 2013)
      A bottle with a flower in it in an abandoned house.
    • Unplanned pregnancy : a male perspective 

      Lennon, Lisa (Dublin Business School, 2010)
      The objective of this study was to investigate the area of unplanned pregnancy from a male perspective. In doing so, the issues faced by such men in relation to the unplanned pregnancy will be identified and explored, the ...
    • Urban annunciation 

      Torsney, Christina (Dublin Business School, 2012)
      A modern day interpretation of the Annunciation of the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary.
    • Urban neglect 

      McGrath, Zara (Dublin Business School, 2011)
      One aspect of neglect amongst Dublin's inner-city. Highlighting the disrepair and neglect the local Corporations of Dublin City seem to ignore. Author keywords: Urban neglect, Dublin, understanding the Image
    • Usage of social networking sites and their effects on self-esteem 

      Ruigrok, Amanda (Dublin Business School, 2014)
      The objective of this research project is to distinguish whether or not there is a correlation between the amount time spent on social networking sites and a person’s self-esteem, and whether this changes with age. It also ...
    • The use of mental imagery techniques to improve free kick accuracy in GAA footballers 

      Hyland, John; Shanahan, Richard (The Irish Psychologist, 2011)
      Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate whether mental imagery would improve free-kick accuracy among a sample of GAA football players. The study also investigated the impact of performance on player’s self-efficacy ...
    • The use of visual aides for children with autism in preschool settings : a teacher's perspective 

      Jones, Grace Rebecca (Dublin Business School, 2014)
      The aim of this dissertation is to investigate the use of visual aids with children with autism within both autism specific preschool classrooms and mainstream preschool classrooms from a teacher’s perspective. Both ...
    • Use of Workplace Gossip As a Coping Mechanism For Stress 

      Marshall, Jennifer (Dublin Business School, 2015)
      The purpose of this cross-sectional quantitative descriptive and correlational study was to explore the relationship between frequency of gossip in the workplace, attitudes towards gossip with problem and emotion focused ...
    • Using behavioural analysis to reduce domestic fuel consumption in Northern Ireland : feedback and goal-setting interventions to conserve electricity 

      Frazer, Patricia (University of Ulster, 2010)
      Two established techniques from the field of Behavioural Analysis (performance feedback and goal-setting) were tested as interventions to reduce domestic electricity consumption. Reductions of up to 33% were achieved by ...
    • Valuing equality in Irish social care 

      Hanlon, Niall (Social Care Ireland, 2009)
      In this article the author critiques Irish social care by presenting an equality perspective on practice. An equality perspective involves developing emancipatory practices, that is, ways of helping that provide egalitarian ...
    • The Vanishing Mediator and Linguistic Hospitality 

      Bottone, Angelo (Department of Philosophy of the University of Santo Tomas (UST), 2010)
      In We, the People of Europe? Balibar argues for a Europe as the interpreter of the world, a ‘vanishing mediator’ translating languages and cultures. Ricoeur in his last works has considered translation as a paradigm of ...
    • Variation in stress levels in the nursing profession : a comparison between dementia and geriatric nurses 

      Fegan, Aoife (Dublin Business School, 2012)
      Background: Previous research has suggested a strong correlation between nurses’ occupational stress, and staff turnover (Hinshaw & Atwood, 1993) and suggested that Staff stress levels are affected by Occupational and ...