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    • Towards the difference between neurosis and psychosis 

      O'Donnell, Barry (The School of Psychotherapy at SVUH, 2009)
      This paper recommends that clinicians attempting to differentiate the structures of neurosis and psychosis take account of Freud's thinking on the mental act of negation, based on his clinical practice, as well as Jacques ...
    • Toxicomania and psychoanalytic treatment: double trouble 

      Loose, Rik (JCFAR, 1997)
      In Jokes and their Relation to the Unconscious Freud analyses the technique of a joke about a dipsomaniac tutor. The joke goes as follows: ‘A man who had taken to the drink supported himself by tutoring in a small town. ...
    • What might a School be? 

      O'Donnell, Barry (The School of Psychotherapy at SVUH, 2010)
      This paper is a response to Lacan 's reference to the ancient philosophical schools when he was launching the school in 1964. It aims to shed light on the reference through a consideration of material which describes the ...