A study examining the possible relationships between materialism, neuroticism. gratitude and life satisfaction

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Fitzsimons, Petra
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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This study aims to examine possible relationships between materialism, neuroticism, gratitude and life satisfaction among psychology students at DBS. This mixed study design consists of both correlative and cross-sectional analysis. Participants (n=100) completed a survey including the Materialism Values Scale, the Gratitude Short-form Scale, the Big Five Inventory and the Life Satisfaction Scale. In line with hypotheses, analysis showed that materialism was negatively correlated with life satisfaction, and positively correlated with neuroticism. Gratitude was positively correlated with life satisfaction, negatively correlated with materialism. Gender differences were only found with neuroticism. Age differences (not applicable due to sample). Conclusions must be taken with caution due to the reactively weak significant correlations found. The complex interactions of personality, materialism, gratitude and life satisfaction are worthy of future research. Author keywords: materialism, gratitude, neuroticism, life satisfaction