Migrant workers in Ireland

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Hilal, Yasmine
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BA (Hons) Arts
Dublin Business School
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The main theme of the Final Year Project is whether the two main Irish daily broadsheet newspapers (The Irish Independent and The Irish Times) represent Paul Manning's democratic model for media, in their representation of the topic of 'Migrant Workers in Ireland' during the last three months of 2006 . The method used for reaching conclusions is based on qualitative analysis of the content of the two newspapers. The Final Year Project questions how the media in a democratic liberal country, Ireland in this instance, will act; and will it act according to the country's democratic and liberal philosophy. The Final Year Project chose the two main Irish daily broadsheet newspapers as representative of the Irish media as a whole; these two newspapers are read by a large number of the Irish population. The model chosen for the study is Paul Manning's democratic liberal model; which has its main characteristics as diversity, comprehensiveness, fair representation of the minorities, competitiveness, adherence to news values, and the fair choice of news sources. The topic chosen for the study is 'Migrant Workers in Ireland'. The reason is that this topic is of great media significance as it touches the public, the minorities, and the power relations. The time frame chosen for the study is the last three months of 2006. The main reason for choosing this time frame is that by that time there was a large influx of migrant workers from the East European countries to Ireland after the introduction of the ten extra members (UIO) in 2004. The other important reason is the expected introduction of the two countries Romania and Bulgaria to the EUl in first of January 2007. The Final Year Project does not aim to be a comprehensive study about the representation of migrant workers in the Irish media, but it aims at showing the reaction of the two main broadsheet newspapers in Ireland towards a very important issue in the Irish society within the model of liberal democracy.