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    • All guns blazing 

      Malone, Andrew (Dublin Business School, 2011)
      Presence of deadly weapons in everyday life. Author keywords: Arms, guns, knifes, understanding the image
    • Am I evil? 

      Quigley, Rebecca (Dublin Business School, 2012)
      Visible human skull. Author keywords: Skulls, mortality, life, existance
    • Ash Nazg Durbatuluk 

      Siobhan, Ryan (Dublin Business School, 2013)
      Lego recreation of "Lord of the rings" scene.
    • Beauty is its own reflection 

      Breen, Aisling (Dublin Business School, 2013)
      Showing beauty at its true form and showing beauty is all around us and cannot be generalised. Author keywords: Natural beauty
    • A bird-eye shot of traffic-jam in Dublin 

      Nawajei, David (Dublin Business School, 2013)
    • Bottom of the sole 

      Kelly, Ciara (Dublin Business School, 2011)
      I've always loved shoes and think a person's footwear can say a lot about them. I felt that photographing only one part of a person was much more interesting than the whole person. I thought it would push the viewer of the ...
    • Bright shadows 

      McDonnell, Kenneth (Dublin Business School, 2011)
      This book is the representation of the duality of life through my own eyes. I have taken pictures from varying locations and of varying themes and paired them next to one another in order to form a new understanding of the ...
    • Crossroads 

      O'Reilly, Michael (Dublin Business School, 2013)
      Picture of crossroad.
    • Cultures of Ireland 

      Hynes, Amy (Dublin Business School, 2011)
      Different cultures in Ireland today. Author keywords: Cultures, Ireland, diversity, understanding the image
    • Dappled sunshine 

      Cafferky, Alex (Dublin Business School, 2011)
      Nature in Wicklow. Author keywords: Nature, Wicklow, understanding the image
    • Dark knights 

      Fitzpatrick, Donnagh (Dublin Business School, 2013)
      Batman in search for the killer of his brothers.
    • The deserted village 

      Kane, Barry (Dublin Business School, 2011)
      Documentation of decay around where I live. Author keywords: Deserted village, understanding the image
    • Don't read this 

      Kearney, Jade (Dublin Business School, 2011)
      My photobook is about signs and how they influence our everyday decisions. Whether it be stopping at a designated red light or pushing open a door. Author keywords: Signs, instructions, understanding the image
    • Echoes of reflection 

      Hogan, Conor (Dublin Business School, 2011)
      A personal journey through my life. Author keywords: Reflection, mirrors, understanding the image
    • Evening on the hill 

      Whelan, Douglas (Dublin Business School, 2013)
      A young man stares at Dublin at dusk on Killiney hill.
    • Fashion in two wheels 

      Bofill, Monica (Dublin Business School, 2013)
      Random people cycling in Dublin in their daily clothes.
    • The Fisherman 

      Davis, Steve (Dublin Business School, 2013)
      Sunday, no longer a day or rest, just an ordinary day. This picture is entitled The Fisherman.
    • Funny minds 

      Nsangolo, Joseph (Dublin Business School, 2012)
      Me in heaven with angels around me. Author keywords: Heaven, KFC
    • Guilty pleasures 

      Hughes, Leah (Dublin Business School, 2011)
      My guilty pleasures. Author keywords: Addictions, understanding the image
    • Gursa's grave 

      O'Shea, Rory (Dublin Business School, 2012)
      A magical valley filled with strange statues and a massive dog lies in the middle of a forest. A combination of six photographs taken in the Phoenix Park, St. Stephen’s Green, and Merrion Square. Edited in Photoshop. Project ...