The importance of Total quality management in discount grocery stores in Ireland

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Briedyte, Egle
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MBA in Business Management
Dublin Business School
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This dissertation is aimed to identify “The importance of Total quality management in discount grocery stores in Ireland”. Particularly it is based on Germany discount retail chain case – Aldi. The dissertation starts with the overview of the retail especially discount grocery retail industry in Ireland, its development and changes through the years. The research is combined of both secondary and primary data. Using reliable reference and corresponding literature, research explores the main aspects of quality, Total quality management, total Total quality management and all applies to Aldi case. Qualitative and quantitative data collection methods are used to collect the necessary and research suited data. Via conducted questionnaires and observations days there are received important data supporting secondary data review. The research findings and conclusions clarify the main aspects regarding research questions and hypotheses as well as identifying the correlation of Total quality management and success of retail business. The last part of this dissertation provides with some recommendations to improve the most problem-orientated areas revealed by this research. Author keywords: Total quality management, total Total quality management, retail, Aldi