The use of visual aides for children with autism in preschool settings : a teacher's perspective

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Jones, Grace Rebecca
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BA (Hons) in Social Science
Dublin Business School
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The aim of this dissertation is to investigate the use of visual aids with children with autism within both autism specific preschool classrooms and mainstream preschool classrooms from a teacher’s perspective. Both classrooms had children with autism attending when the research was conducted. Qualitative interview schedules were conducted with participants from both settings. The research sample consisted of three autism specific preschool teachers and three mainstream preschool teachers. Results showed that there was a significant difference with the use of visual aids between the two preschool settings. Findings suggest that the autism specific preschool teachers showed a higher degree of knowledge and experience with all visual aids within the preschool setting. Author keywords: Autism, visual aids, picture schedules, PECS, Grace App, preschool, ABA, TEACCH, teacher