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    • Duelling diagnostics : a psychoanalytic perspective on comorbidity 

      O'Dowd, Seamus (Dublin Business School, 2002)
      This thesis will discuss the topic of comorbid disorders in relation to addiction, from a psychoanalytic viewpoint. Comorbidity or comorbid disorders, refers to two or more disorders being exhibited by the same individual, ...
    • EN(d)JOY! The Super-Ego & Its Relation to Enjoyment 

      Cluxton, David (Dublin Business School, 2002)
      Slavoj ZiZek speaks of a letter, written by Freud, to the Trieste psychoanalyst Edoardo Weiss on 28 May 1922.(ZiZek, 1991, pp.7-11). Weiss had written to Freud to ask his advice on the treatment of two clients who both ...
    • Is there such a thing as an autistic language? 

      Fenwick, Amalia (Dublin Business School, 2018)
      No abstract provided
    • Lacan's return to Schreber 

      McCoy, Stephen (Dublin Business School, 2008)
      This thesis will endeavour to explore the factors that contribute to the outbreak of a psychosis and the phenomena that such an experience entails. To do so I will approach the topic from a Freudian / Lacanian perspective ...
    • Saint Paul and Freud: The denial of the soverign good in Lacan's the ethics of psychoanalysis 

      Howard, Daragh (Dublin Business School, 2006)
      The thesis comprises the presentation of Lacan's proposal in Seminar VII that Saint Paul and Freud are telling us the same thing. Namely, that what they articulate concerning the law and pleasure stands in opposition to ...