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    • DBS School of Arts induction plan 2010-2011 

      Farrell, Orna; Brunton, James (Dublin Business School, 2010)
      Changing induction (DBS staff development session).
    • Enhancing the first-year experience with online quizzes and screencasts 

      Farrell, Orna (Dublin Business School, 2011)
      Decreasing the attrition rate -- Enhancing the student learning experience -- Support development of independent study habits -- Explore the use of elearning to support student learning -- Encourage experiential learning. ...
    • Eportfolios 

      Farrell, Orna (Dublin Business School, 2010)
      An introduction to eportfolios (DBS staff development session).
    • Portfolio assessment : the learner perspective 

      Farrell, Orna (Dublin Business School, 2010)
      An exploration of the use of eportfolios as a learning process and as a formative assessment method Yielding a unique learner perspective on portfolio assessment and on the perceived differences between an eportfolio and ...