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    • An exploration and study of pathological internet use 

      Hughes, Anne (Dublin Business School, 2003)
      In chapter one, clinical and anecdotal evidence suggesting that increasing numbers appear to be addicted to using the Internet was outlined. Theoretical and methodological approaches taken towards studying this phenomenon ...
    • A profile of internet poker players and their gambling 

      McKeon, Robert (Dublin Business School, 2005)
      Poker has recently had a huge surge in popularity, particularly among young people. A consequence of this has been that literally millions of people have been gambling on poker on the Internet. Despite reports from treatment ...
    • Video game addiction and its possible negative effects on social skills and empathy in adolescents 

      Conmy, Eileen (Dublin Business School, 2010)
      The present research is an investigation of video game addiction and its possible negative effects on adolescents with regard to social skills and empathy. The use of video gaming as a form of escapism is also explored. ...