Recent Submissions

  • Human rights, cultural identity and the struggle for Traveller ethnicity 

    Collins, Martin (SAHKartell, 2017)
    Irish Travellers, Ethnicity, Cultural Rights
  • Saudade in the City: Kevin Barry’s City of Bohane 

    Darragh, Laoise (SAHKartell, 2017)
    Set 40 years in the future, the once great city of Bohane on the west coast of Ireland is in terminal decline, with vice and tribal splits rife. Logan Hartnett, godfather of the Hartnett Fancy gang has been in charge but ...
  • Animalia 

    Toner, Ian (SAHKartell, 2017)
    A fast-paced, dark comedy about Danielle and Sarah who used to be best friends when they were kids. But they’re not kids anymore. Because they’re 11. Caught on the precipice of adulthood, two very different girls try to ...
  • Asparachrist (for Andres Serrano) 

    Trowbridge, Terry (SAHKartell, 2017)
    A new poem by Terry Trowbridge.
  • The Making of Tomato Red: An Interview with Director Juanita Wilson 

    Wilson, Juanita; Buggle, Jane (SAHKartell, 2017)
    Juanita Wilson is a Dublin-based Film Director and Writer. In 2008, she was nominated for an Academy Award for her short film, The Door, which went on to win the IFTA Award for Best Short Film. She was awarded the prestigious ...
  • In Conversation with Jim Sheridan 

    Sheridan, Jim; Murphy, Conor; Taylor, Barnaby; Benedict, Stephen (SAHKartell, 2017)
    On 9th February 2016 SAH Journal was privileged to host a public interview with arguably Ireland’s most successful filmmaker, Jim Sheridan. Born in 1949, Jim Sheridan grew up in family of social and artistic activists in ...
  • Eloquence Squared: An Interview with Padhraig Nolan 

    Nolan, Padhraig; Chapman, Patrick (SAHKartell, 2017)
    Often, creative people are recognised primarily for the work they do in one discipline, with efforts in other areas overlooked. Some artists are truly multidisciplinary, having the ability to express themselves eloquently ...
  • Public Heath in Colonial and Post-Colonial Ghana: Lesson-Drawing for The Twenty-First Century 

    Adu-Gyamfi, Samuel; Brenya, Edward; Nana Egyir, Peter (SAHKartell, 2017)
    Public health in twenty-first century Ghana is mired with several issues ranging from the inadequacy of public health facilities, improper settlement planning, insanitary conditions, and the inadequacy of laws and their ...
  • Psychoanalysing Theresa: Telling It Slant in Alice McDermott’s Child of My Heart 

    Corso, Gail (SAHKartell, 2017)
    Psychoanalytic theory, as explained by Esther Rashkin, combines with literary analysis to understand the driving force that motivates a character to tell a story. Such is the case for understanding the first-person narrator ...
  • Lumière Word Cloud (voicesonfilm, 2017): Creativity, Curation, Projection in Film Education 

    Taylor, Barnaby (SAHKartell, 2017)
    Lumière Word Cloud (voicesonfilm, 2017) is a co-curated experiment in the design and execution of academic/student collaborative assessment methods at Third Level. Inspired by classroom conversations regarding the parallels ...
  • The Radical Habitus and the Knowledge Practices of the Irish Organic Food Movement 

    Jorgensen, Annette (SAHKartell, 2017)
    The aims of the organic food movement include the transformation of food production, distribution and consumption. They necessitate a range of different skills and understandings which must be accessed, created, put to use ...
  • Editorial : poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master 

    Frazer, Patricia; Adams, Pearse (SAHKartell, 2017)
    Reflective learning; Critical thinking; Pedagogy; Publishing; Neoliberalism
  • Sean MacDiarmada 

    Madden, Tom (SAHKartell, 2016)
    Seán MacDiarmada: Signatory to Proclamation – Executed after the Rising of 1916 – Leitrim to Kilmainham was written by Tom Madden to coincide with the 1916/2016 centenary commemorations. The play was first performed at the ...
  • Blackbird 

    Ward, Mark (SAHkartell, 2016)
    A new poem by Mark Ward.
  • Interview with the Creators of Love/Hate 

    Carolan, Stuart; Flynn, James; Murphy, Conor (SAHKartell, 2016)
    On 25th November 2015, Studies in Arts and Humanities (SAH) Journal hosted a public interview with leading Irish film and television producer James Flynn (Octagon Productions) and creator/writer of the groundbreaking Irish ...
  • Challenging Art: An Interview with Italian Artist, Biancoshock 

    Biancoshock; Cashell, Fiona (SAHKartell, 2016)
    Milan-based socially engaged artist, Biancoshock (a pseudonym the artist prefers to use), was kind enough to take time out of his schedule to answer some questions for SAH Journal. We wanted to know more about his diverse, ...
  • Ossian & the Hare: An Experiment in Poetry and the Alchemy of Film 

    Wilson, Naomi (SAHKartell, 2016)
    Ossian & the Hare is an experimental film-essay combination intended to work like two sides of the one coin. The 20-minute long film is designed to be more experiential than narrative driven, moving us through various ...
  • Social Ecology and Aesthetic Criticism 

    Owen, Connor (SAHkartell, 2016)
    While ecocriticism has become a respected field in literary theory and in the broader landscape of aesthetic philosophy, it could benefit from an enhanced ethical-political framework which social ecology – an underrated ...
  • Foreign Adoption in Ireland: A Case Study of the Irish-American Adoptions, 1947–1952 

    O'Keeffe, Brian (SAHkartell, 2016)
    The Irish-American adoptions were a revolutionary way of dealing with Ireland’s ‘problem of the illegitimate child’. Ireland had long been promoted as a Catholic, and thus, a morally pure country. Having a child out of ...
  • Speaking to the Masses – Hybrid Poetics and Marshall McLuhan’s “Newspaper Landscape” 

    Morrisy, Julie (SAHKartell, 2016)
    This essay points to structural and formal techniques in the hybrid poetries of current female North American poets writing in the book-length form. The author suggests that in their hybrid poetries, M. NourbeSe Philip, ...

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