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    • Concrete progress 

      O'Dea, Martin (TASC, 2010)
      Policy suggestions for government for actionable steps within the context of post-financial crash Ireland. Author keywords: Innovation, reform, aid
    • Ética y negocios en la clase de ENE: El Binomio fantástico 

      Garcia, Carmen Sanjulian (XIV Encuentro Internacional del GERES, 2016)
      Cuando estalló la crisis económica en el año 2008, algunas voces críticas se preguntaron si la formación dada en las escuelas de negocios enseñaba valores que fomentaran formas de actuar que fueran responsables con la ...
    • Rebalancing the power 

      O'Dea, Martin (TASC, 2012)
      An analysis of the political options open at European level to leverage power with their financial markets. Author keywords: Markets, politics, Europe, power
    • Technology and the need to develop new economics 

      O'Dea, Martin (TASC, 2011)
      Exploration of potential impacts of rapidly developing technologies on economics. Author keywords: Technology, Economics
    • Web usability : its impact on human factors and consumer search behaviour 

      Lydon, Bernie; Fennell, Tom (Dublin Business School, 2003)
      Usability testing methods and phenomenology based qualitative techniques were applied in naturalistic settings in consumers’ homes to establish factors which are perceived as hindering and facilitating consumers in finding ...
    • Web usability in the Irish airline industry 

      Lydon, Bernie; Fennell, Tom (Dublin Business School, 2002)
      Low-cost carrier Ryanair are expanding rapidly and have been tipped to become Europe’s biggest airline, following the order of 100 new aircraft in a deal with Boeing worth around 5 billion Euro (Canniffe, 2002). Ryanair ...
    • What can I do you for? 

      O'Dea, Martin (TASC, 2011)
      An analysis of the privileged position of closed, self-regulating professions in Ireland and their inhibition of economic progress and equity. Author keywords: Closed professions, costs, inefficiencies