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    • Ethics and the greater good 

      Egan, David (Dublin Business School, 2013)
      A short essay on ethical guidelines in psychology, their moral roots and current ethical controversies. Author keywords: Psychology, ethics, morality, Kant, deontology, Mill, utilitarianism, Rawls, Omelas, code, conduct, ...
    • The global pharmaceutical industry 

      Tukdeo, Rajesh; Kalilombe, Emmie; Onyeugbo, Ogochukwu Clinton; Okafor, Faith; Ebeleghe, Rhoda (Dublin Business School, 2016)
      Global prescription drugs sales are expected to reach US$ 987 billion [Figure 6 in Appendix IV] by 2020. According to Nasdaq report, companies will focus more on generic drugs than branded. By 2018, sales of generic drugs ...
    • How Rabobank has used information management and IT to maintain its competitive advantage 

      O Keeffe, Colin (Dublin Business School, 2011)
      This assignment described how a company (Rabobank) used both information management and information technology to both achieve and maintain its competitive advantage.
    • Iceland’s response to their economic and banking crises 

      Goldbrunner, Felix (Dublin Business School, 2014)
      In times before its economic crisis, Iceland developed to a country with one of the highest living standards in the world. This time was characterized by privatisation and liberalisation. Its rise, however, ended abruptly ...
    • Information architecture strategy report for Chez Emily 

      Zaliene, Laura (Dublin Business School, 2013)
      Chez Emily handmade chocolate company contracted with the author (information architect) of this report in order to develop strategic approach and recommendations for optimising information architecture of their site and, ...
    • Information literacy programme : case study critique 

      O Keeffe, Colin (Dublin Business School, 2011)
      This assignment was an analysis of an Information Literacy programme described in an academic journal. Author keywords: Information literacy, asynchronous learning
    • International business assessment of Renault in India 

      Tukdeo, Rajesh (Dublin Business School, 2015)
      Objective of this report is to discuss and analyze strategic decisions taken by Renault Group to enter in a foreign automobile market India. It also highlights mode of entry as well challenges Renault faced in establishing ...
    • Key drivers in digital marketing 

      O'Looney, Lauren (Dublin Business School, 2021)
    • Key drivers in digital marketing management 

      Duffy, Elizabeth (Dublin Business School, 2021)
      This eBook will outline the key digital drivers in marketing management through creative methods such as videos and offer you personal recommendations. Even if you have no experience in digital marketing, you'll be able ...
    • The key drivers in digital marketing management 

      Feeney, Ronan (Dublin Business School, 2021)
    • Strategic analysis & recommendation 

      Tukdeo, Rajesh (Dublin Business School, 2016)
      This report is study of an Indian information technology company based in Pune from strategic perspective. It uses various strategic analysis models like VRIN, Bowman’s clock, Ansoff matrix, Balanced score-card, SWOT etc. ...
    • To identify and analyse how income and population is impacting on Generation X consumers shopping experience in retailing. And to investigate how retailers/brands are responding to the trends (identified above) which are impacting on Generation X consumers 

      Cullen, Craig; McFeely-Hancox, Andrew; Ledwith, Sara (Dublin Business School, 2014)
      The purpose of this assignment is to investigate how income and population are impacting on Generation X consumers. The literature review will demonstrate how income has had a negative effect on the consumer and how ...
    • Value at risk 

      McMenamin, Michael (Dublin Business School, 2014)
      Sources of Market-based Risk Market risk is any risk of losses in a bank’s trading book due to changes in equity prices, interest rates, credit spreads, FX rates, commodity prices, and other factors. Refers to open (unhedged) ...
    • Web 2.0: conceptual foundations and marketing issues 

      Emuze, Enosaze (Dublin Business School, 2016)
      The web is fast evolving. Not long ago people could barely interact with the web let alone interact with each other through the web and now, people are not just interacting with each other on the web but also constantly ...
    • Web Site Usability. Research essay 

      Byrne, Donal (Dublin Business School, 2013)
      Web-based Information Systems and associated technologies are becoming increasingly important to companies operating in the Retail industry. An area of specific concern is the usability of websites from customers’ perspectives. ...
    • The zen of digital marketing: find your way through the noise 

      Dwan, Martin (Dublin Business School, 2021)