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    • The Information Professionals’ Network: creating new employment opportunities for librarians 

      O Keeffe, Colin; McGuinness, Claire (Dublin Business School, 2017)
    • Insect disgust : comparing influence types, gender differences and the relationships with right-wing authoritarianism and age 

      Sheppard, Barry; Frazer, Patricia (Dublin Business School, 2016)
      An online experiment was conducted to compare the efficacy of two interventions to increase self-reported willingness to eat insects and insect-related foods. The experiment was designed and carried out as an undergraduate ...
    • Internal brand management in the internationalisation of retail operations 

      Morgan, Alan (Dublin Business School, 2016)
      This research will investigate and explore internal brand management within a retail internationalisation context. This represents a significant gap in the retail internationalisation literature. According to Burt & Sparks ...
    • Jane Jacobs : life, legacy, interpretation 

      Lyes, Madeleine (Dublin Business School, 2014)
      In this paper, I examine one particular contemporary response to the legacy of Jane Jacobs, one of the foremost urban thinkers of the twentieth century, with reference to Jacobs’ early and most formative work. I’m looking ...
    • Learning from teaching 

      McKenna, Robert (Griffith College, 2017)
    • Librarian as publisher 

      Kouker, Alexander; Murphy, Conor (Dublin Business School, 2015)
      Alex and Conor introduce SAH Journal ( as an open access academic journal project involving the collaborative efforts of emerging and established scholars as well as academic librarians at the BOBCATSSS ...
    • Libraries as publishing partners: Promoting best practices in open access journals 

      Stapleton, Suzanne Cady (University of Florida, 2019)
      Publishing by academic libraries is emerging as a viable means to create open access to scholarly research. Librarians engaged in publishing services can capitalize on opportunities to educate faculty, staff and students ...
    • Library news 

      Library, DBS (Dublin Business School, 2015-03)
      Contents: summer opening hours and exams; library survey; Horizon Report 2015; academic staff publications; digital libraries; book crossing; suggestion box; events.
    • Library news 

      Library, DBS (Dublin Business School, 2007-03)
      Contents: library survey, 2007; staff profile (David Hughes); library week 2007; database trials (Ebsco, Lexis Nexis Professional); new databases.
    • Library news 

      Library, DBS (Dublin Business School, 2015-01)
      Contents: top 15 most read eBooks; wearable technology; building digital capacity report; Zine librarianship; book review; library classes; recipes, events and more.
    • Library news 

      Library, DBS (Dublin Business School, 2014-03)
      Contents: complete the annual library survey - win €100; summer exams and Sunday openings; Emerald emerging markets case studies; new titles in the library; 2014 Horizon Report; everyday accessibility: maximise accessibility ...
    • Library news 

      Library, DBS (Dublin Business School, 2014-11)
      Contents: student submission from Konark Patel on his visit to Northern Ireland; research funds for early researchers in all disciplines; using the assignment planner to better plan your workload; new titles in the library ...
    • Library news 

      Library, DBS (Dublin Business School, 2014-01)
      Contents: the military archives are looking for your help; accessing ebooks on your handheld devices; book review; contacting the library (IM); sports and societies refreshers sign-up day 2014; how to... renewing books; ...
    • Library news 

      Library, DBS (Dublin Business School, 2016-03)
      Contents: Summer opening hours & exams, Brain Awareness: Dementia, Book Review: The Circle, Irish Film Directors, Kindles, The Pearse Museum, Volunteering at Hugh’s House, DBS Library Annual Seminar, LILAC 2016, Business ...
    • Library news 

      Library, DBS (Dublin Business School, 2015-09)
      Contents: Why students leave: non-completion in higher education, DBS 2nd Annual Library Seminar, How to deal with academic spam, New titles in the library 16th April – 30th September, 2015 DBS library survey, Studies in ...
    • Library news 

      Library, DBS (Dublin Business School, 2015-11)
      Contents: Information Literacy Meets Employability at DBS, A work placement’s view of her time in the library, New titles in the library 1st Oct. – 1st Dec. 2015, Reading is good for your health! , If you want something ...
    • Library news 

      Library, DBS (Dublin Business School, 2017-01)
      Contents: Faculty Perceptions of Loughborough's Online Reading List System (LORLS) at DBS, Purchase Suggestions, Myths about Thesis Writing, Our New Website and more...
    • Library news 

      Library, DBS (Dublin Business School, 2016-11)
      Contents: Continuing professional development opportunities for librarians at DBS, Keeping up-to-date with Lexis-Nexis, Changing roles in changing times: the academic liaison librarian in flux, New titles in the Library, ...