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    • Easter Holidays 2016 

      Kane, Gaynor (SAHKartell, 2016)
      A new poem by Gaynor Kane.
    • Editorial 

      O'Fathartaigh, Micheal (SAHKartell, 2016)
      Ireland--History--Easter Rising, 1916
    • Editorial 

      Kouker, Alexander; Murphy, Conor (SAHKartell, 2015)
      Reflective learning, critical thinking, open access, libraries and publishing, academic freedom
    • Editorial 

      Henderson, Stephen (SAHKartell, 2015)
      Critical thinking, mass media and culture, pluralism
    • Editorial 

      Buggle, Jane (SAHKartell, 2016)
      Open access; Libraries and publishing; Research support; Scholarly publishing
    • Editorial 

      Morgan, Alan; O'Neill, Marie (Dublin Business School, 2017)
      No abstract is provided.
    • Editorial 

      Morgan, Alan; O’Neill, Marie (DBS Library Press, 2018)
    • Editorial 

      Prentice, Garry (DBS Library Press, 2019)
    • Editorial : poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master 

      Frazer, Patricia; Adams, Pearse (SAHKartell, 2017)
      Reflective learning; Critical thinking; Pedagogy; Publishing; Neoliberalism
    • Education Service Quality, Value and Satisfaction on Student Customer Intentions and Behaviour 

      Prentice, Garry; Brady, Joseph; McLaughlin, Christopher (DBS Library Press, 2018)
      Traditional avenues of accreditation, module review and teaching evaluations are not the only ways to assess education service quality and related issues. In order to evaluate the education service provided by a private ...
    • Eloquence Squared: An Interview with Padhraig Nolan 

      Nolan, Padhraig; Chapman, Patrick (SAHKartell, 2017)
      Often, creative people are recognised primarily for the work they do in one discipline, with efforts in other areas overlooked. Some artists are truly multidisciplinary, having the ability to express themselves eloquently ...
    • Employees with Asperger’s syndrome and their experiences within the work environment 

      Julian, Anna; Barron, Ronda (DBS Library Press, 2019)
      This qualitative study gathered experiences of employees with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) within their workplaces. Data were collected by conducting six semi-structured interviews: three face-to-face, one by phone and two by ...
    • An exploration of methods to improve process flow in a remanufacturing cell 

      Bates, Terence; Walsh, Aidan (Dublin Business School, 2017)
      This paper examines flow creation within the remanufacturing cell of an Irish medical device manufacturer. The site in question has embarked on a lean journey that commenced in 2003 and has spread site-wide since then. ...
    • Exploring entrepreneurial orientation (EO) of public and third sector organisations at employee/ volunteer level 

      Rogowska, Anna; Brett, Valerie; O'Gorman, Bill (Dublin Business School, 2017)
      Public and third sector employees are facing increasing pressure to behave more entrepreneurially in their day-to-day work (Wakkee, Elfring and Monaghan, 2010). Literature on entrepreneurial orientation (EO) highlighted ...
    • Failure to Launch: The Unfulfilled Promise of Eportfolios in Irish higher education: An Opinion Piece 

      Farrell, Orna (DBS Library Press, 2018)
      In this article, the unfulfilled promise of eportfolio in Irish higher education is critiqued. The article analyses the factors that have led to the slow pace of eportfolio adoption in Ireland, in contrast to the ubiquitous ...
    • Faking Good and Personality Assessments of Job applicants: A Review of the Literature 

      Fahey, Gerry (DBS Library Press, 2018)
      High stakes selection contexts often drive the provision of socially desirable responses from job applicants. This can take the form of ‘faking good’ and can lead to inaccurate personality assessments. This article reviews ...
    • Fás an Chraoibhín 

      Tobin, Feena (SAHKartell, 2018)
      Do bhí Dubhghlas de hÍde mar chuid de mhionlach in Éirinn agus é ag fás aníos mar fhear óg Protastúnach. Ach shocraigh sé dul leis an nGaeilge, teanga a bhain go traidisiúnta go príomha le Caitlicigh na hÉireann agus leis ...
    • Female Liberation and Autonomy in the Films of Federico Fellini 

      Butler, June (SAHKartell, 2015)
      The essay examines the role of women and the portrayal of femininity in the films of Federico Fellini (1920-1993), and the extent to which Fellini’s view of women guides the evolution of the plots. Key female characters ...
    • First Take 

      Scott, Dane (SAHKartell, 2016)
      A new poem by Dane Scott.
    • Foreign Adoption in Ireland: A Case Study of the Irish-American Adoptions, 1947–1952 

      O'Keeffe, Brian (SAHkartell, 2016)
      The Irish-American adoptions were a revolutionary way of dealing with Ireland’s ‘problem of the illegitimate child’. Ireland had long been promoted as a Catholic, and thus, a morally pure country. Having a child out of ...