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    • Keep that tweet 

      Myles, Eamon (Dublin Business School, 2020)
      My project was the development of an Android application built with the Java programming language. The projected makes use of available twitter APIs to authenticate with a live twitter account and retrieve tweets from live ...
    • Rebuilding old WordPress page into modern web application 

      Dimac, Mario (Dublin Business School, 2020)
      The main goal of this project was an educational goal, to develop, deploy, and monitor a full-stack application that can be used later as a showcase and help me to progress in my career. The used stack is in demand and ...
    • Results tracker app and deployment on EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) 

      Mulligan, David (Dublin Business School, 2020)
      The main project aim was to build a useful app and deploy it on the cloud. The app is to firstly enter the result you want to achieve and as you go, update it with your results as you go through your course and the result ...