Benchmarking react library: a developer perspective

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Siddalingaswamy, Chandana Nettekere
Issue Date
MSc in Information Systems with Computing
Dublin Business School
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Developers are often reluctant to adapt to the new framework since they need to allocate time in training and adapt. This study aims to determine the need for benchmarking JS and ReactJS application in a developer’s viewpoint contributing detailed attention to React features and in this context, evaluating the gap in comparing JS and React applications by considering the performance as principal criteria. To test the hypothesis, considered optimised methods, coding standards, and best practices using proper design and structure, using event listeners in JS, react-virtualized list, avoiding mutated values, and considering the production environment in React JS applications. The results showed a massive difference in the performance between the applications in hightraffic situations since the React application uses virtual DOM that rendered what is needed at that point, making ReactJS approximately 97% faster than Javascript. On this basis, React should be considered for developing apps as its advantages outweigh its disadvantages, making it easy to migrate for any organisations or developers.