An introductory outlook: what are the prospective and current issues with regards to accounting for cryptocurrency?

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Ramrakhiani, Nikhita
Issue Date
MSc International Accounting and Finance
Dublin Business School
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The purpose of this thesis is to examine, scrutinize and deduce, The current issues on accounting for cryptocurrency, to obtain views of accounting and finance professionals on current issues on accounting for cryptocurrencies. The title of the thesis was chosen to point out to a reader that there are logical and technical issues that needs clarification regarding accounting for cryptocurrencies. The thesis also includes a brief summary of blockchain, just to understand the basics and evaluate the appropriateness of cryptocurrencies as they are derived from the process of blockchain. This thesis advices managers to examine and better understand the key features of cryptocurrencies that are relevant to their business as so to be able to correctly account for them as cryptocurrencies have a quasi-asset and quasi-currency feature and also can be an inventory to some business models. In addition, it states that the preparers of financial statements should evaluate the appropriateness of their accounting policies for cryptocurrencies and validate their disclosures about cryptocurrencies are material and sufficiently transparent to users of financial statements. This thesis warrants for standard- setters to undertake research of this area so as to provide guidance and clarity in accounting for the cryptocurrencies in areas such as asset classification, revenue recognition, valuation and disclosures. They must also ensure that the accounting guidance for cryptocurrencies is relevant and useful to the preparers of financial statements and the users of financial statements. The research of the thesis will focus on key accounting themes relevant to cryptocurrencies. Although the literature on the topic of the thesis available, is limited and narrow. Accounting standards are studied in depth in order to deduct their appropriateness on cryptocurrencies for the literature review. Further seven interviews were conducted with accounting professionals to obtain their views on the accounting themes for cryptocurrencies.