The Great War, the great mistake

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Jackson, Stephanie
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BA (Hons) Arts
Dublin Business School
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The title of this thesis is the Great War: The Great Mistake. What it aims to achieve is to explain why the war happened and what can be learned from it today. The areas that will be looked into are the underlying tensions between the various nations before the Great War broke out. This will be followed by the economic situation in Europe, examining the stability of Europe. Next, there will be a review of what led up to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand: why was he targeted? Why were Bosnian Serbs so hostile to the monarchy in the first place? The national rivalries which led to the military and naval brinkmanship between the powers, which led to countries not being focused on their own domestic issues will also be explored. The final areas of discussion will be: did anyone see the war coming and if so, why were they not listened to? And, were there any attempts at communication and negotiations for peace? Was the war simply a reactionary response to a situation that the various powers thought could be resolved with swift hard action without realising the ultimate price they would all pay for it. The research methodology that will be applied is the use of primary and secondary resources. Author keywords: World War One