An analysis into the complex disorder of schizophrenia

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McCann, Realtain
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BA (Hons) Arts
Dublin Business School
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The aim of this study is to explore the mental illness of Schizophrenia providing a brief history on the move from the term dementia praecox and also referring to key area such as symptoms and causes in an attempt to gain a better understanding of the problems associated with this disorder. In order to view these symptoms in a more effective way we shall explore Freud’s famous case study on the memoirs of Daniel Paul Schreber demonstrating how patients lives can be affected by the symptoms related to schizophrenia and also how disruptive this can be not only to their own lives but also in relation to the lives of their family and friends due to extreme pressure and stigma associated with mental illness within society. This Final Year Project will thereafter explore treatment options in terms of medication and psychotherapy in an effort to determine whether or not they are more beneficial when used alone or together to achieve the best results possible. In doing so much of the evidence has backed up the lasting theory that both medicine and psychotherapy should be combined to provide the patient with the best chance of success and also to reduce the likelihood of a relapse occurring in the future.