How does the introduction of family friendly work arrangements effect the retention and attraction of employees?

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Maidment, Lindsey
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BA (Hons) in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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In recent years there has been an increasing need for organisations to focus on the value of human resources. They have realised that failing to retain staff can result in higher costs and reduced productivity. As a result some organisations are trying to adapt their work practices to allow employees the flexibility to balance home and work commitments, this is often referred to as family-friendly work practices/arrangements. This dissertation had the following primary objectives: • Are organisations using family friendly arrangements? • Do they affect the retention of employees? • Do they affect the attraction of potential employees? • Why do organisations use family friendly working arrangements? • Are they really needed? To gather this information secondary research was carried out initially to examine why family-friendly work arrangements exists, to gain an understanding of each work arrangement and also to examine the influence that EU legislation has had on Ireland in this subject area. In the primary research a questionnaire was sent to 100 companies. An interview was also conducted to gain a better insight into this topic. The primary research found that organisations are using these arrangements, they use it to try to retain staff, increase motivation and decrease absenteeism. The research findings showed that in some cases the availability of these arrangements are used as a tool to attract staff. Arrangements are used as a tool to attract staf f. Family-friendly work arrangements have a positive result. Various recommendations were made as to the effect these arrangements would have on a company who is considering introducing them.