An investigation into the impact of Irish fashion bloggers on the creation of brand awareness amongst women aged 18-35

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Keenan, Leonora
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MSc Marketing with Digital Media
Dublin Business School
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Blogs are a relatively modern, increasingly popular phenomenon, and with the number of bloggers growing every day, it has undoubtedly become a very important vehicle for communication and expression. With blogs now being used for commercial purposes, it is important to ascertain the real impact of blogs in this regard and their true potential if used properly. This dissertation examines the relationship between Irish fashion-related blogs and the creation of brand awareness among women aged 18 to 35 and its subsequent effect on brand attitude and purchase intention. The researcher used a survey method to gather information from the chosen sample. The survey was distributed using Qualtrics and was taken by 53 respondents. Both primary and secondary research were used for the purpose of this dissertation and various frameworks are discussed in the literature review. The results of the study confirmed that Irish fashion-related blogs do have a considerable influence on the creation of brand awareness as well as brand attitude and purchase intention. Going forward, blogs should be considered as a viable option for companies looking to advertise products and services to a specific audience, which can be reached through popular bloggers, and the commercial relationship between bloggers and companies remains to be explored and developed. Author Keywords: Blog marketing, brand awareness, purchase intention.