Differences of Attitude towards Eco-friendly Products in Ireland between Generations from Gen Z to Baby Boomer

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Bolgi, Melisa
Issue Date
MSc in Marketing
Dublin Business School
In Ireland, opinions regarding eco-friendly products are examined and compared among several generational groups, including Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers. The study intends to comprehend differences in attitudes, preferences, and intentions regarding eco-friendly items among various generations by a quantitative cross-sectional survey. The main research topics look at attitudes, the perceived value of eco-friendliness, what influences green purchases, and how people perceive their own environmental responsibilities. To guarantee thorough representation, the sample of 400 participants, who represented various age groups, was purposefully chosen and stratified. The findings suggest that consumers of all ages have a favorable attitude toward environmentally friendly items, with younger cohorts demonstrating a greater understanding of environmental issues. When it comes to influencing consumer behavior, social factors and perceived behavioural control are key. Results show a shift in consumer behavior that is in favour of sustainability and highlight potential environmental effects. This study helps us gain a thorough understanding of how different generations feel about environmentally friendly items, which will help us develop sustainable consumption practices.