The feasibility of a speech and language therapy application in India

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Vaishnav, Malay
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MBA in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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The use of electronic devices seems to be a common practice for various medical purposes including the speech and language therapy application (app) industry. However, there was no evidence of any qualitative research done in this field. The topic thus aims at studying the feasibility of a speech and language therapy app in India. Considering the various technological advancements in India, the feasibility of shifting the paradigm towards digital rehabilitation is evaluated. The current ways of practicing therapies in India involving the key stakeholders is studied in order to do so. A systematic research methodology has been followed that displays the background for selecting the research philosophy, research approach and the sampling for this research. This study is based on a stratified probabilistic data sampling method, with each sample indicating the domain it is a part of. The main sources of data collection used for this research are the case study and the qualitative interviews. The case study essentially provides a product view from a resourceful and developed geography. After gathering the data from the case study and the interviews, a detailed analysis of the data has been done using computer aided tools. In addition, the importance of ethics is identified and the research has been carried out well within the ethical context at all times. The study reveals the challenges and possibilities related to the transition from the conventional ways of therapies to digital rehabilitation. Furthermore, it also highlights the role of the therapists as intermediaries in the entire supply chain. The report also draws the advantages and disadvantages out of the data collected from the interviews. Finally, the research provides certain strategic solutions to address the customer needs and demands pertaining to the speech and language therapy app. Author Keywords: Speech and language therapy apps in India, apps for autism in India, advantages and disadvantages of speech therapy apps, need for speech and language therapy apps in India, interactive therapy apps, technology in therapies