Analyzing the effectiveness of new media techniques to build brand value: A case study of Zomato

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Dhakal, Manish
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MA of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
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This research study has been premised on enhancing effectiveness of new media techniques of Zomato in India. Different strategies of media platforms have been used effectively to support this study by empowering brand value of Zomato. Digital marketing and e-marketing have attributed majorly to this company to draw impacts. In addition to this, not only positive impacts but also negative impacts have been derived concerning media techniques to input effectiveness of the topic. Social media marketing has shown great impact by distributing merits and demerits of media techniques on Zomato. These techniques have helped the company to stand out with profits and earn more benefits. Nevertheless, negative impacts have shed light on different issues of each technique that proved out with fall in market revenues and market shares of Zomato across India. In order to analyze influence of the media techniques, relevant philosophy, approach and design are analyzed with detailed justification. Particularly, primary quantitative data technique has been conducted to manage data on this study. In this context, survey questionnaire has been formulated and SPSS analysis has been conducted to contribute data quantitatively. Likert scale is used to analyze survey questions among 68 employees of this company. Non-probability sampling technique is used for survey analysis while IBM SPSS software is used for analysis of SPSS statistically. Correlation, regression, descriptive analysis is done to manipulate gathered data between two variables. Cronbach’s alpha analysis has also been done to stimulate reliability statistics of gathered data by corresponding it with each research objective of this study. Finally, effectiveness of the study has been analyzed through this deliverables. Certain recommendations have been suggested for further holistic growth of this food service in near future.