Service-oriented chatbot for essential oils using natural language processing

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Vaishnav, Mayur
Issue Date
MSc in Data Analytics
Dublin Business School
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This Master’s thesis focuses on the need for a conversational bot for guiding a layman in the application of essential oils as a medicine in the healthcare domain. Observing the benefits of Ayurveda, people nowadays are increasingly using essential oils for treating their medical conditions and their body has been responding well to it compared to any allopathic treatment. But there is an issue which needs to be solved, for example, if a person wants more knowledge about essential oils and starts searching on the web then she/he finds a lot of non-essential and scattered information. This dissertation here aims at the usage of essential oils for medicinal purposes. According to the questions asked by the user, the artifact provides information on essential oils and suggests the use of it. With the help of NLP, chatbot delivers the users’ application of essential oils and also suggests solutions to their medical sufferings with these oils. The prototype has a safe and stress-reducing interface for the user to find information and is liked by 70% of the people. This prototype also increased the knowledge of 60% of the participants. Duckduckgo API and Tensorflow are used for the advancement of the chatbot.