Facebook use and the relationship with sensitivity to rejection, self-consciousness and fear of negative evaluation

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Burns, Jake
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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Social Networking Sites are reported to have both positive and negative effects. This research aimed to examine the relationship that aspects of Facebook intensity had with socially anxious personality characteristics. To measure this, a questionnaire using items from the Facebook Intensity Scale, BFNE, SCS-R and RSQ were distributed using convenience sampling among a population of 90 adult Facebook users. Multiple regressions found significant relationships between the 2 aspects of Facebook intensity and public self-consciousness, as well as fear of negative evaluation. No significant relationships were found between Facebook intensity and private self-consciousness, or fear of negative evaluation. Also, no significant age or sex differences were found for scores of rejection sensitivity, self-consciousness, or fear of negative evaluation. These findings, in line with previous research, suggest there is still a considerable amount that must be learnt before the full effects of SNS on people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviour are fully understood.