Measuring the impact on consumer loyalty of extending the product lifecycle through the offering of technological upgrades, a case study of Apple

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Nahum, Bryan
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BA of Business
Dublin Business School
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Until now, the Apple brand has maintained a climate of constant fidelity to its user regarding his fetish product, the iPhone. This phone model has learned to evolve over time multiplying innovations and nearly 10 models followed one another and still arousing consumer interest. This winning brand strategy amounts to asking what are the main causes that provoke this attachment and what could be the future of the product and its perception by consumers. The study of our question and involves consideration of two major theories that join together to explain the need to constantly create products and so therefore build customer loyalty with what is created. The objective of our research will be take into account these theories to explore answers to our questions and thus starting from theory to build an analysis of consumer opinion regarding our question and analyze its behavior to understand that attaches to the product, why and how. So my research will focus on the analysis of a sample of people with an iPhone to interrogate by means of tools and create the necessary information to answer our question.