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Fang, Liu
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BA (Hons) in Business Information Management
Dublin Business School
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‘Outsourcing - once considered an arcane business practice had reached the boardroom and beyond ... Harvard Business Review has called outsourcing one of the most important management ideas of the past 75 years.’ InfoServer magazine, December, 1998. Industry watchers, experts and leading information technology sources agree: after a temporary growth slowdown as businesses became more selective in choosing outsourcing projects, outsourcing has emerged as a powerful strategic tool for businesses worldwide - an effective solution to sharpen competitiveness, improve customer service and grow profits. The aim of this dissertation is to provide readers with a deeper knowledge of outsourcing. The method of research used to gather information on this dissertation fell naturally into two key categories. Primary research was carried out in the form of questionnaire. Secondary research involved extensive reading around the subject of outsourcing. These two aspects supplied both quantitative and qualitative research results. The result of the research had proved that the general level of knowledge about this dissertation was good. The aim of the research was to expose all aspects of the topic. The main finding in this study is that outsourcing must be done carefully, systematically and with explicit goals. Companies that rush into outsourcing without fully understanding what they hope to achieve are starting a relationship that will most likely be unsuccessful and painful. However, if companies carefully plan their effort in terms of time, budget and resources needed, they can develop a highly effective outsourcing strategy.