Analysing the impact of social media marketing and online advertisements on consumer behaviour

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Chitharanjan, Arun
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MBA in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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Purpose of the study The previous researches are being conducted to study the impact of the online marketing over the consumer behavior have failed to provide a concrete result. The previous researches are mostly related with the accessibility of the customers. There are no effective researches that are done on the buying pattern behavior of the customer. It is also seen that certain researches are focused only on the impact of social media thus the point of online advertisement remain neglected. Thus in the present researcher, the researcher has tried to investigate that in spite of having huge infrastructure why Apple Inc has not been able to market their products effectively. Objectives of the study The main objectives of undertaking the study is have a critical understanding of varied concepts of social media marketing and the online advertisement. Research even critically investigates the different customer behavior pattern. Further, this study tried to recognize the challenges that are faced by Apple Inc related to the improper social media and online advertisement marketing strategies. The study is also going to lay down recommendation solutions in order to tackle the challenges faced by Apple Inc Research methodology The research methodology that has been adopted for carrying out this study is based on quantitative technique. In order to undertake this study data has been collected from both primary and secondary source. In order to undertake the analysis of information collected from primary source SPSS software has been used by researcher. The analysis that has been undertaken for fulfilling the objectives of this research were frequency distribution, descriptive statistics, ANOVA test and cross tabulation. Conclusions Research identified that satisfaction level of consumer are seen to be high with respect to social media advertising undertaken by consumer, but still it could be seen that there are particular group of individuals who disagrees to this aspect. It has also been found that consumer has been undergoing online advertisement using social media marketing and this states that business must carry out appropriate advertisement using such media channels. It has also been 2 identified that in the present era if business needs to influence the behavior of consumer towards their product and services then they have to carry out their advertisement using social media channels.