The quality factors that differentiate health services in public and private sectors from the customer satisfaction stand point

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Udrea, Serban
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MA Marketing
Dublin Business School
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The purpose of this thesis is to identify the quality factors that differentiate the public healthcare system from the public healthcare system in Romania, from the customer satisfaction point of view. Specifically, this document studies the main factors that differentiate the public from the private practice in the perception of the patient, his expectations and degree of satisfaction towards each service. The research was conducted using quantitative and qualitative designs. The first method consisted in questionnaire developed for urban and rural patients in Cluj County, Romania. The second method allowed the researcher to gain staff and management insight into the matter by collecting data through a focus group on the premises of Medisprof Clinic in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The findings show that there is an important gap, between healthcare service quality in a public facility and service quality in a private facility. Patients have a better image of private healthcare services and in accord with this, greater expectations. Furthermore, while there is a perception of greater cost of private services, they are viewed as more professional and having better equipment. Overall, the elements that drive patient satisfaction are reliability and assurance, and they are more satisfied with private healthcare services. This research is valuable because of the current debate over the state of the Romanian healthcare system. Moreover, this paper points out important issues with the quality of services from a neglected perspective, that of the patient. The practical implications of this research are key to private healthcare businesses who wish to thrive and expand as well as to public facilities that are interested in improving their services. Author keywords: Quality factors, public and private health care, differences, customer stand point