Millennials buying behaviour in Ireland towards a new fashion (Afro-West fusion fashion)

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Pereira, Olayinka
Issue Date
MA of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
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Purpose: This dissertation examines the factors influencing Millennials in Ireland when considering a new type of fashion trend different from the Western fashion dominating Ireland. The Afro-West fusion fashion is the new type of fashion introduced to the Millennials in Ireland to investigate if there is a demand for this type of fashion amongst this age group. Certain variables of the factors that influences consumer buying behaviour were examined such as Lifestyles, Reference groups, Personality and Self-concept to determine the main influencers of the Millennials when considering this type of fashion. Marketers constantly seek to understand the factors that influences consumers purchase because the answers are often in the mind of consumers. Relating with consumers is the best way to discover the answers influencing their purchase. The aim of this research is to understand the important variables influencing the buying behaviour of Millennials when considering a Afro-West fusion fashion. Understanding this will help both old and new marketers of this fashion tailor their brands in a more desirable way for this target group thereby leading to business growth. Design/methodology/approach: The nature of this research design is explanatory and takes a quantitative methodological design. A survey was conducted to collect information on the factors influencing Millennials in Ireland when considering Afro-West fusion fashion using google form to send to questionnaire to participants. Findings: The results of the primary research revealed that reference groups, lifestyle, personality and self-concept influences Millennials purchases when considering the Afro-West fusion fashion. The personality of Millennials was one of the strong influencers when considering this new fashion different from the usual and adaptability to a mixture of different cultures on clothes or shoes. Reference groups such as family, peers, blogs and social media were also important factors and the lifestyles of Millennials which revealed they prefer to shop in a physical store and like to purchase a unique fashion. The findings also indicated that there is a demand for the Afro-West fusion fashion in Ireland. Originality/Value: The results of this research might be of interest to marketers of Afro-West fusion fashion and researchers who want to explore this area of study. This dissertation provides the importance of lifestyles, reference groups, personality and self -concept that influences the buying behaviour of Millennials when considering Afro-West fusion fashion.