A study on investor's negative relationship with money in correlation with investment performance

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Liew, Wan Lin
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MBA in Finance
Dublin Business School
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“Money is everything” – such belief is deeply rooted in most people’s mind. In real life, undoubtedly most investors invest with aim of becoming wealthy but in fact most investors fail to achieve desired financial goal through investing. The researcher has noticed such scenario and predicted its positive correlation with investor’s unhealthy relationship with money. Throughout the entire research, “negative relationship with money” in overall is understood and expressed by the researcher as the emotional states such as stress, insecurity, anxiety, depression, worrisome, sense of failure etc which are strongly associated with individual’s view, motivation and attitudes towards money. The established literature which relates to unhealthy relationship with money, the primary causal factors, the successful and unsuccessful investors, the influence of mood etc have been thoroughly and comprehensively presented. This research concerning the research target – investors was developed by using online surveys through the web-based “google forms” application to gather data quantitatively. The primary data and findings were graphically illustrated. Conclusion has been drawn through the in-depth analysis and discussion. Resultantly, the overall research aim is fulfilled in demonstrating the investor’s relationship with money does exerts great influence on investment performance. All in all, to achieve better investment performance, the investors especially the unsuccessful groups are recommended to properly examine on own relationship with money and take intense approach in developing healthier money relationship.