Lack of incentives and working environment will lead to employee dissatisfaction which in turn cause customer dissatisfaction : a study related to the hotel industry in Ireland

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Sujo, Manuel
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MA of Business Administration (international)
Dublin Business School
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Nowadays, the success of every industry or organisation depends in achieving the satisfaction of their customers. This concept will gain importance when the industry falls under the service sector. The satisfaction of customers in the service sector has a direct relationship with the success of the particular company. One of the main sectors in the service industry is hotels. The success of each hotel depends on the way in which they treat their customers. If their customers are satisfied, they will return to them and will result in higher profits. But, if they are dissatisfied, they will not go back them or they will not tell about the hotel to their friends and relatives. This will result in losing customers, which will in turn lead to the failure of the hotel. To satisfy their customers, first of all, they need to satisfy their employees. This research is intended to explain how employee dissatisfaction will lead to customer dissatisfaction and for this; two main hotels in Dublin were selected. Hypothesis was developed and primary and secondary data were collected. Proper questionnaires were developed and employees and customers of both hotels were interviewed. Appropriate sampling methods were used to select samples.